Cats need to eat a moist diet

Today’s house cat is a descendant of a small desert wild cat. With little available water and a “dipstick” tongue ill-adapted to efficient drinking, they primarily obtained moisture from their juicy prey and went long periods without drinking.

Our modern-day feline companions still have a low thirst drive. Until recently, they spent most of their time outdoors, catching mice and other small prey. The rapid transition to indoor life has left them without opportunities to “eat their water.” Cats who are fed a dry diet only exist in a constant state of mild dehydration. Although cats may visit their water dish regularly, to keep them in optimal health, we need to feed them a diet high in moisture.

Benefits of adding more moisture to your cat’s diet:

• Better breath
• Smaller stool
• Less shedding
• Better weight control
• Healthier urinary tract and kidneys
• Friendlier temperament

The average 8-pound cat needs one cup of water per day (16 tablespoons)

• Kibble provides 1 tablespoon per day
• Raw or canned food provides 1/2 to 7/8 cup per day

Add more moisture to your cat’s diet by:

• Adding a little wet food to your cat’s diet
• Switching your cat to canned or raw food
• Offering moist treats

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