Reduce their carbon paw print

Living a little greener all year long can start with just a few simple steps.


Switch to a biodegradable poo bag
All The Best’s Earth Friendly bags meet the regulatory definition of biodegradable because they are made with a special additive that makes them break down faster. While standard bags may take thousands of years to degrade, our bags break down in 18-24 months in a landfill.

Return your Terracycle packaging to All The Best
Open Farm bags, as well as BFF, Cats In The Kitchen & Dogs In The Kitchen pouches are recyclable. Just return your empty bags and rinsed pouches to All The Best and we’ll ship them to a Terracycling facility.

Try our new bulk bar compostable bags
Our compostable bulk bags are made entirely from plant materials. When your pup has enjoyed all the treats, just toss this bag in your compost or reuse as a liner for your kitchen compost container

Try a sustainable cat litter
Corn, wheat, pine, and other natural litters are healthier for your cat and the planet. All The Best has a large selection to choose from, and a Pet Care Specialist can help you find a brand that will work best for your needs, such as new Sustainably Yours that’s made from biodegradable and sustainable cassava and corn. This combination stops odors on contact and quickly forms extra strong clumps.

Choose conscientiously sourced pet foods
We carry an abundance of foods from companies that are sourced from farms near them, reducing transit emissions and resulting in even healthier foods. Many brands we carry make sure to prioritize animal welfare and these practices are better on the environment, too. Read more about the various brand standards here.

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