Add some magic to their bowl

Choosing a high-quality kibble is a healthy start, but your pup can benefit by boosting even the best foods with a little magic.

Adding 50% fresh food yields amazing results.

• More energy

• Shinier coat with healthier skin

• Cleaner teeth & fresher breath

• Leaner body, better muscle tone

• Better focus & attention


We recommend adding…

• Complete and balanced frozen raw foods closely mimic your pet’s ancestral diet.

• Meat and bone grinds reduce total carbohydrates and add valuable proteins and minerals.

Convenient freeze-dried raw foods have the same nutritional benefits as frozen or fresh raw.

• Dehydrated foods are dried at low temperatures to preserve nutritional value and rehydrate in minutes.

• Raw meaty bones clean teeth, freshen breath and offer a nutritious chew all in one package.

• High quality canned foods add both meat and moisture.

• Raw goat’s milk–nature’s most perfect food: Raw goat’s milk is full of enzymes and easily digested proteins and fats, benefits every pet, especially seniors, puppies & kittens, contains every essential nutrient, and it’s good for animals in recovery

• Great Greens powers up energy level and vitality: Wisely Great Greens is made from antioxidant-rich raw green veggies that build the immune system. It helps detoxify every cell in the body. Add a little to every meal for an extra shiny coat!