Healthful Treating

We all love to indulge our pets by giving them delicious morsels, but it sometimes comes with a helping of guilt, especially if those treats are nothing more than empty calories. But what if you could offer snacks so tasty your fur baby would gladly do a happy dance AND you were providing them with nutrition even healthier than their regular meals?

Treats can be a powerful way to improve your pet’s health, with all the good things you want them to have (high value proteins and fats, naturally-occurring antioxidants), and none of the bad things you want to avoid (carbs, preservatives, processing). The ones we mention here are all human-grade, locally sourced, high protein and low fat, work well in treat-dispensing toys, and full of natural enzymes and raw goodness. They can even be crushed into a powder and sprinkled on any meal as an enticing topper, and are excellent training treats because they are easy to break but won’t crumble in your pocket.

Freeze-dried Raw Heart Treats

  • Best source of taurine, with protective functions for heart, eyes, kidney, liver and insulin-producing cells
  • Full of protein, B-vitamins, CoQ10, iron, copper, selenium and zinc (vital for skin health)
  • Great for kitty hide-and-seek – cats are instinctively drawn to hunt them down!

Freeze-dried Raw Liver Treats

  • Excellent source of high-quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
  • Most easily absorbed source of iron, Vitamin A, and scarce minerals
  • The most appealing wonder food, can coax sick and recovering animals to eat

Freeze-dried Raw Pacific Shrimp

  • Leanest source of easily used protein
  • Packed with iodine, selenium and the anti-inflammatory carotenoid astaxanthin.
  • Wild caught in the waters off the coast of Oregon

Freeze-dried Raw Chicken Breast

  • Our most popular training treat, for both cats and dogs
  • From barn-raised, antibiotic-free USDA approved chicken
  • Sourced in the Pacific Northwest
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