Bringing Home Your New Fur Baby

//Bringing Home Your New Fur Baby

Bringing Home Your New Fur Baby

Happiness is a new family member, whether it’s a puppy, kitten or adult dog or cat. One of our great joys is helping animals find forever homes, and over the years we’ve aided thousands of adoptions through our in-store rescue events.

Our specialty is the art of living successfully indoors with animals, and we know how important it is to have a game plan before you bring home your new fur kid. We asked our team for their tried and true tips. Read on for the best suggestions from All The Best!

First meals for puppies:

answersRaw goat’s milk helps the transition to a new diet and corrects any deficiencies. We love using it to soak the Honest Kitchen, an exceptionally easy-to-digest “first food”
from Emmy at the Lake City store and Jenna at Madison.

Adopting a shelter dog: 

lifelineI always mention fish oil for skin and coat, and probiotics for digestive health. It starts them off right after the stress of shelter life
from Josho at Redmond

To prevent destructive chewing:

I always send new parents home with ROAR raw marrow bones. You can count on a 30 minute break for a mini marrow bone and an hour or two for a larger marrow bone. And the marrow is good for eye and brain development.
from Rebecca at Columbia City

no_hide_chickenNo Hide chews are my go-to suggestion for new puppies or adults.
from Diana at Mercer Island

Nothing beats a long-lasting, odor-free bully stick.
from all of us 

Best chews for petite pups:

My favorite chews for tiny dogs are duck’s feet and lamb ears.
from Jess at Queen Anne

Best housebreaking advice:

crate• A wire crate for potty training, then watch the video, ‘ABCs of Crate Training’
from Nick at Holman

skouts_honor s• Bring home a bottle of stain and odor remover BEFORE you need it — no telling when an accident will happen!
from Candace at Edmonds

Your puppy pads need to be strong enough not to fall apart when they’re saturated. Gridlock pads really hold up!
from Josh M.


fluffntuffThe best night-night toy to put in the crate is something cuddly and plush, like a Fluff ‘n Tuff.
from Amber at Bellevue

ATB_CBD_oilComfort Zone diffuses a pheromone that helps animals feel safe and secure.
from Annie at the Inventory Office

All The Best Hemp CBD Oil is calming and helps reduce anxiety.
from Betsy at Training

Treatibles (CBD-infused treat) help dogs accept change.
Josh at the Inventory Office

Best treat dispensing toys to keep active dogs busy:

snoopThe Pickle Pocket and the Snoop, hands down!
from Jake at Ballard and Alana at Kenmore

Best treats to go insideReal Meat, Plato Strips and lamb lung.
from everybody

For successful litter box use:

litter_genie_sSmart Cat litter for new kittens and sensitive cats – it’s dustless, clumps well and has excellent odor control.
from Stephanie at Issaquah.

The Litter Genie solves every issue of convenient scooping and odor control. Your room mates won’t even know you have a cat!
from Jess at Queen Anne.

To re-direct destructive scratching:

scratch_loungeFor a horizontal scratching surface, nothing beats the Scratch Lounge. Most cats want a vertical scratcher also, like a driftwood Phoenix post. Together they will save your curtains and your couch!
from Ashlyn

A tired kitty is a good kitty! Exercise your cat with a laser pointer toy or a peacock feather. Peacock feathers are a simple, affordable toy that cats love. Cats will chew on it instead of your strings and wires and if a cat eats it, it won’t hurt the cat. It’s great for homes with small children that want to play with the kitty – it keeps the kid at a safe distance from kitty claws, and the feather is light enough that the child can wave it in the kitty’s face without hurting the kitty.

Shedding and pet hair

Furminator-yellowA Furminator is almost magical the way it removes mountains of loose hair, especially for long-haired cats and double coated dogs. You can also use it to clean off stairs and cat posts.
from Deb Wilson

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