3 Tips for a healthy well-hydrated cat

//3 Tips for a healthy well-hydrated cat

3 Tips for a healthy well-hydrated cat

Turn your kibble addicted feline into a well-hydrated cat

Some cats love their crunchy kibbles and don’t want to give them up. In that case, we offer some tips for keeping the dry but adding some much-needed moisture.

1. Set up a free flowing water fountain: 

pioneerHave you ever wondered why most cats won’t drink the water placed next to their food bowl, but like to drink water running in the sink? When you evolve in the African desert, you know not to drink stagnant water or at a watering hole contaminated by a dead carcass. No wonder most cats won’t drink near food and prefer moving water. Try moving their water further away, and setting up a flowing drinking fountain to encourage your cat to drink more. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain ($59.99)

2. Offer frequent moist cat treats: 
chia_tunaciao_churu pure_bites

Show your love with moist cat treats as a kibble topper or an anytime snack. Pure Bites($1.79 ea) are little tubs of tasty shredded chicken or fish with plenty of juice and no additives. Caio Grilled Fillets ($1.99 ea.) are whole beautiful pieces of tuna or chicken, individually wrapped. And Caio Churus ($3.99 for 4) are creamy textured tuna or chicken purees in a push up tube that your cat can lick right out of the package or enjoy as a healthy topper.

3. Add a hydrating pour over to dry food:

answers_fish_brothstjohn answers
Raw goat’s milk gives cats an enormous nutritional boost! Long considered one of nature’s most healing foods, it contains every nutrient needed for growth and repair in a highly digestible form. Add a half ounce of milk for every ounce of dry food, serving a little less dry to keep calories constant. Answers Raw Goat Milk ($6.49/pint), or St. John’s Goat
Milk ($7.99/quart). 

Another hydrating pour over is Answers Fermented Fish Broth ($4.99/pint), made with raw fermented sardines and bone broth from sole. Excellent for vitality, brain function, kidneys, thyroid, gut health and the immune system.


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