Andy andy

I’ve heard that gas is your dog’s digestive system saying something isn’t right. But, I dismissed my Boston’s gassiness as a breed trait. However, when I started to bring her with me to work, I wanted to avoid sharing this problem with my coworkers. All The Best’s owner, Susan Moss, suggested that I switch Basil to raw food. Her gas was nearly completely eliminated by the next day. And Basil loved her raw food! Previously, some days, she would not even bother to get up for her kibble breakfast, but she bounded off her bed and pranced to her bowl in anticipation. After eating, she nudged her empty bowl around in the hope of finding a remaining morsel – her highest food compliment. Gas reduction wasn’t the only benefit from switching to raw. Basil is pooping less than half of what she did before because her body has less useless filler to eliminate. Even with her fondness for office naps, she has much more muscle definition. Thanks to an all-raw diet, Basil is not at risk for wearing out her welcome at the office.