Green Tripe, an Important Part of the Whole Prey Diet

//Green Tripe, an Important Part of the Whole Prey Diet

Green Tripe, an Important Part of the Whole Prey Diet

Feeding a whole prey diet means eating the way animals do in the wild, consuming every part of the prey animal to get the broadest range of nutrients. This includes organs, bones and the length of the digestive tract, including the honeycombed lining of ruminant animals’ unique four-chambered stomachs, known as tripe. This lining has a rich bounty of digestive enzymes mixed in with the partially broken down stomach contents. It is so rich in nutrients that many consider tripe to be a superfood.

Dogs are strongly attracted to the pungent smell of green tripe from years of evolutionary selection. The proteins in the stomach’s smooth muscle tissue are made up of highly desirable amino acids not readily available elsewhere, including:

Proline: required for cartilage production and wound healing

Leucine: for muscle recovery and repair

Aspartic Acid: a stamina booster that aids in antibody production

Glycine: a key component of hemoglobin that helps turn glucose into energy

Arginine: for a healthy vascular and circulator system

Glutamic Acid: “brain fuel” that helps with message transferring


Cravings are an indication of what nutrients an animal’s body needs most, and dogs who feel too sick to eat will often perk up when offered tripe. It has also been shown to improve digestion, stool quality and skin health.

Raw or freeze-dried tripe, with all their varied nutrients intact, are the best ways to consume this superfood, but canned tripe is beneficial as well and just as appealing. Until recently, tripe’s unusual texture made it difficult to incorporate into dry food, but that obstacle has been overcome and dogs can now enjoy tripe in a very convenient form.

If you want to feed your dog a whole prey diet and reap the benefits of feeding tripe, there are many options. Here are some of the tripe-based foods we carry:

Frozen raw green lamb tripe from K9 Natural

Freeze-dried green lamb tripe from K9 Natural

Canned tripe from PetKind – beef, lamb and venison

Three formulas of dry dog food from Petkind

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