Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune Defense

//Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune Defense

Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune Defense

Fall is the perfect time to hike the trails of our temperate rainforest and marvel at the amazing diversity of our native mushrooms. Of the thousands of species that grow worldwide, culinary mushrooms like Shiitake, King Trumpet and Lion’s Mane are consumed on a daily basis in many traditional cultures, prized for their healing and immune-boosting properties. Those and other strictly medicinal mushrooms are the new “superfoods” of alternative medicine, with university research studies showing their beneficial effects on cancer and other diseases. 

Mushrooms contain the strongest immune-boosting substances found in nature—beta glucans, polyphenols, prebiotics and L-Ergothioneine, a super antioxidant unique to mushrooms. They developed these defenses in order to battle the same pathogens that affect both humans and animals—bacteria, viruses, other fungi and tumors. They can activate the body’s attack cells against dangerous microorganisms and cancerous cells, increase energy via oxygen transport and protect cells from free radical damage. Mushrooms can also eliminate inflammation by down-regulating the immune response to correct many skin, joint and digestive problems that have an inflammatory component. 

Magnificent mushroom properties


  • native to Taiwan
  • liver protective, immune-enhancing


  • improves vitality and endurance
  • supports oxygen delivery to muscles
  • increases circulation
  • protects liver, kidney and lung function
  • anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-microbial, anti-aging


  • native to Brazil
  • known for triglyceride and cholesterol management
 KIng Trumpetking_trumpet
  • known for cholesterol management and bone health
  • high levels of L-Ergothioneine, mushroom-specific antioxidant with unique cellular transport mechanism
 Lion’s Manelions_mane
  • improves cognitive and neurological health
  • stimulates synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NSF)
  • NSF promotes growth & normal function of nerve tissue
  • improves blood sugar regulation
  • reduces insulin resistance
  • high in beta glucans for increased immune function


  • called “Mushroom of Immortality” in traditional medicine
  • down regulates an overactive immune response
  • can modulate symptoms of auto-immune diseases
  • helps reduce inflammation
  • has cardiovascular health benefits
  • a superior “adaptogen” for mental or physical stressors
  • therapeutic effects on liver and cardiovascular system
  • supports detoxification
  • immune-strengthening properties
  • excellent culinary mushroom – benefits are not reduced by cooking!
 Turkey Tailturkeytail
  • most researched of all the therapeutic mushrooms
  • used for cancer treatment in Europe and Japan
  • FDA approved for study in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy
  • strengthens immune system of cancer patients, reduces chemo side effects, increases lifespan after treatment
  • U Penn study demonstrated effectiveness against canine cancers
Canine Matrix 100% organic mushroom blends offer your dog the strongest immune-boosting substances found in nature.

Canine Matrix formulas activate the body’s defenses against cellular damage and disease using combinations of organically grown Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, King Trumpet, Lion’s Mane, Antrodia, Chaga, and Himematsutake mushrooms.


for itchy or
inflamed skin


  • reduces itching and shedding, adds luster to coat
  • calms inflammatory response, overactive immune function
  • contains natural histamine blockers for allergy relief

for joint pain and reduced mobility


  • reduces painful inflammation around joint capsule
  • natural glucosamines from chitin helps rebuild joint tissue
  • Vitamin D improves calcium uptake and bone development
  • L-Ergothioneine clears free radicals to prevent further damage

for the dog in greatest need


  • best for senior dogs and rehab from trauma or injury
  • enhances circulation, detoxifies liver and kidneys
  • recommended post-surgery or post-treatment

single mushroom formula fights cancer


  • FDA-approved immune building therapy for cancer patients
  • stimulates Helper T-cells and Killer T-cells to go after tumors
  • reduces side effects of chemotherapy, increases lifespan

for anxiety, nervousness,
lack of focus


  • balances the adrenal response, calms the nervous animal
  • helps maintain a positive focus, improves training outcomes
  • relieves nervous stomach and digestive stress
  • does not sedate or change an animal’s personality

balanced immune system strength


  • blend of many mushrooms for overall immune boost
  • beneficial for cardiac and respiratory health
  • great source of vitamins and chelated organic minerals
  • prebiotics, digestive enzymes for healthy gut and mucosal flora
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