Not every itchy dog has fleas!

//Not every itchy dog has fleas!

Not every itchy dog has fleas!

annie_bennie3 copyThe underlying cause of itching and scratching, according to Jackie Sehn, DVM of MercyVet Clinic, can be determined by the area of the body that it initially manifests (although the itch can spread to other areas):

Starts at the base of the tail fleas or flea allergy dermatitis (use a flea comb to test for presence of live fleas and flea dirt)

Starts on the hairless part of the belly food allergy or sensitivity (specific proteins, commonly chicken, beef, lamb, wheat, corn)

Starts on the face, including cheeks, eyes, or nose – inhalant allergy (grasses, molds, dust mites, fungus)

Starts on the bottom of the feet contact allergy (walking on carpeting, pesticides, cleaning compounds)

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