THKWe all want to feed our fur babies the best food  we can, but we want it to be convenient, too, and sometimes that’s a struggle. The Honest Kitchen has changed the equation, however, with complete diets made of fresh whole foods that haven’t been cooked and processed beyond recognition. Instead of extrusion, the nutrient-destroying process for making dry dog food, all the meats, produce, seeds  and other ingredients (organic whenever possible) have been very gently dehydrated to retain most of their original taste, color, aroma and health benefits, with the majority of the enzymes and antioxidants still intact, much like raw food. And it’s easy to prepare. Just add warm water, wait 5 minutes and serve up a delicious meal!

A Miracle in Every Box

2014-08-25 09.35.05-1 copyMany chronic canine ailments are triggered or made worse by poor quality food with inappropriate or hard-to-digest ingredients. Customers report amazing changes once they start feeding the Honest Kitchen. Their dogs experience improvements with digestive problems like diarrhea or gas, skin problems such as rashes, hair loss and hot spots, inflamed ears and chewed-on paws. The most common results are increased energy and an easy transition to healthy weight. With eight different complete formulas, there’s something suitable for every dog, whether they need higher protein, lower fat or a novel meat source to avoid reactivating a food sensitivity.

New! Base Mixes take the guesswork out of home-prepared

The Honest Kitchen’s three Base Mixes allow you to mix up a home prepared meal by adding the meat of your choice. Simply add warm water to rehydrate, then stir in meat according to the directions on the box for a complete and balanced meal. Any raw meat or grind can be used, but you could substitute cooked meat, canned fish, eggs or cottage cheese to come up with your own custom recipe, particularly useful for dogs with allergies and special needs.

Hale Base Mix : Organic grains and seeds (oats, millet, buckwheat, flax, quinoa and chia) and dehydrated vegetables

Kindly Base Mix: Grain-free, potato-free and fruit-free, with carrots, alfalfa, flax, parsnips, peas, celery, coconut , chard, kelp, garlic and more.

Preference Base Mix: The original base mix, with dehydrated sweet potatoes, alfalfa, cabbage, coconut, apples, spinach, pumpkin, bananas, celery, kelp, honey and more.