Northwest Naturals Raw Food Adventure

//Northwest Naturals Raw Food Adventure

Northwest Naturals Raw Food Adventure

Diana_Barkley_bagsBarkley, my Great Pyrenees puppy, has been on Northwest Naturals raw food for a month. When he hears me open the bag, he comes running. I have added the Lamb and Turkey formulas to the rotation of his diet, which he loves just as much as the Chicken, and Beef & Bison formulas he started with.

Sometimes, in his haste to finish his dinner, Barkley will gobble his food too fast. This can lead to an upset tummy, and is a common problem for food-motivated dogs. My trick is leaving the nuggets of raw food frozen. He has to chew more, and slow down when eating. The Northwest Naturals nuggets are the perfect size and shape; not too large to be frozen solid, but not quite small enough for him to try to inhale.

I can even give Barkley a single frozen cube of food as a treat, as it takes him longer to eat than his freeze-dried treats. For training, I usually use Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards freeze-dried liver treats. They’re high-value enough to motivate him to follow and learn commands, but small and pure enough for me not to worry that he will gain too much weight or take too long chewing.

We’re going strong with Northwest Naturals, and Barkley’s looking good!

Until next time
– Barkley & Diana 

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