Joint supplements put a spring in their step!

//Joint supplements put a spring in their step!

Joint supplements put a spring in their step!

justin_maggieThis time of year, whenever there’s a break in the weather and a break in our schedules, most of us want to head outdoors to enjoy the first taste of spring with our dogs.

However, joint pain can greatly reduce their enjoyment. In fact, one in four dogs suffer from it. Although it’s most common in larger breeds and older dogs, joint pain can afflict any age or breed of dog, and cats as well. The signs can be subtle…your dog may be slow and stiff when getting up or have trouble going up and down stairs. Cats may not be able to jump up onto their high places anymore, or may seem stiff when moving.

connectin_groupFortunately, there are completely safe, drug-free options for putting the spring back into your pet. Connectin is one such product, a natural, fast-acting joint supplement for dogs and cats that’s been veterinarian-tested and proven to show better mobility in just 15 days, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Connectin’s patented formula contains a unique blend of herbs that augment the body’s natural healing abilities–yucca root, alfalfa, devil’s claw, nettle leaf, turmeric, ginger root, black cohosh, celery seed and cayenne pepper. These curative anti-inflammatory herbs work synergistically with high levels of all three joint building blocks – glucosamine HCl, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid (HLA) – to relieve swelling and improve absorption into joints. 

Manufactured in Boulder, Colorado in an FDA-monitored facility, Connectin comes in palatable, liver-flavored powder, chewable tablets and soft chews for dogs and tablets for cats. 

Even if your dog or cat isn’t yet showing signs of joint problems, proactive use of Connectin can help ensure you’ll be able to enjoy many more active springs together.


 • Improves mobility in 15 days, guaranteed

• Has three joint building blocks and 9 natural herbs that work together to support joint health

• Help keep the pep in your pet’s step!

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