Barkley loves his Northwest Naturals!

//Barkley loves his Northwest Naturals!

Barkley loves his Northwest Naturals!

Part two in our series about Diana’s experiences with feeding her puppy raw food:

diana_barkley_2I have been rotating between feeding my Great Pyrenees puppy Northwest Naturals Beef & Bison formula and Chicken formula raw food. He looks forward to mealtimes, clearly enjoys his food, and doesn’t seem hungry afterward – which is a treat for such a large, growing boy!

I enjoy feeding the Northwest Naturals because it is convenient, balanced, and reasonably priced. When I used to home-cook meals for Barkley, I did so much work. In addition to feeding raw meat and organs, I had to prepare vegetables separately to add to ensure a balanced diet. Now, I feel like I should have to do more, but I don’t. Northwest Naturals has just the right amounts of all the vegetables included, so I just thaw, scoop, and serve.

Because Barkley is still a puppy, we work a lot on training. This means I always need an easy, high-value treat to reward and entice him. I’ve been using the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried beef liver treats, which works well for both of us. Barkley loves the taste, and I love the purity and quality of the treats; knowing I’m only giving him high-quality freeze-dried liver, and nothing else.

So far, the Northwest Naturals works very well for both Barkley and me. I look forward to the rest of our feeding adventure, and I hope our insights will help introduce others to the world of raw food.

Until next time,
 –Barkley & Diana 

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