Northwest Naturals: A Raw Food Adventure!

//Northwest Naturals: A Raw Food Adventure!

Northwest Naturals: A Raw Food Adventure!

diana_barkley2My name is Diana, and I manage the All The Best Pet Care store on Mercer Island. For years, I have been helping shoppers improve their pets’ health by matching them up with just the right food for their particular situation.

Happily, I have recently had the opportunity to apply my passion for nutrition to my own little bundle of furry joy when Barkley joined our family on Halloween 2013. Barkley is an adorable Great Pyrenees puppy who is now almost 6 month old. When we first got him, he was being fed Pedigree. I wanted to introduce a less-processed diet to support his tremendously rapid growth, so I switched him to a mostly raw food diet. Feeding a growing Great Pyrenees puppy is a wonderful opportunity to see the benefits of quality food in action, so I will be chronicling my experiences in a series of blog posts.

Barkley is now on Northwest Naturals raw and freeze-dried foods.  He will be trying different varieties over a 13-week period, so I will be sharing his favorites with you, as well as my experiences and tips. I hope sharing our raw food adventure will help anyone who is thinking of transitioning their pet to a raw food diet, or who wants to add some variety to their current feeding plan.

Barkley and I look forward to giving you weekly updates on how our Northwest Naturals feeding adventure is going! If you’re interested in trying it, too, stop in our store. Barkley and I would love to meet you!

Until next time–
Barkley & Diana

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