SeaDent Keeps Teeth Clean Without Brushing

//SeaDent Keeps Teeth Clean Without Brushing

SeaDent Keeps Teeth Clean Without Brushing

If you want to keep your dog’s teeth pearly white and extend the time between dental cleanings or even avoid the need all together, add a tiny scoop of briny flavored SeaDent to your pet’s food on a daily basis. Scientific studies have proven that kelp has properties that break up the bio-film (actually a collection of decay-promoting bacteria) on dental surfaces that, if left unchecked, would mineralize and turn into hard brown deposits that you can see along the gum line.

Unlike other oral products that employ just kelp, SeaDent is fortified with five plant enzymes proven to fight plaque and kill bacteria in the mouth. Lysozome is a an enzyme found in the saliva of many mammals. It is added because some dogs do not make enough to kill the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. Other enzymes are amylase (starch-digesting), cellulase (plant cell wall digesting) protease and papain (both protein digesting). These four dissolve the food particles trapped in the teeth and under the gums that can lead to decay.

The kelp in SeaDent is certified organic Norwegian Laminaria digitata, tested for heavy metals, harmful bacteria and pesticide residues. Kelp is a rich source of active trace minerals and antioxidants and is used as a supplement in many pet foods. Despite that, SeaDent’s manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for cats due to the naturally occurring iodine in the kelp. Though iodine is an essential nutrient, there is a concern that cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) might be adversely affected. There has never been any clinical evidence to support that, however, and we have used this product on healthy cats, with excellent results.
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