Alternative foods –The marriage of convenience and nutrition

//Alternative foods –The marriage of convenience and nutrition

Alternative foods –The marriage of convenience and nutrition

If you haven’t tried one of our alternative foods yet, your fur kid may be missing out! Dehydrated or freeze-dried alternatives are complete diets occupying the middle ground  between conventional fare and a fresh, biologically appropriate diet.  They can sit on the shelf till needed, yet they retain most of the nutrition from the raw ingredients. 

The Honest Kitchen is celebrated for the integrity of its sourcing and manufacturing. All the dog and cat formulas and treats are made in a human food facility, using only top-quality human-grade ingredients (none from China!). Colorful dehydrated fruits veggies, greens and seeds pack a big antioxidant punch. Careful dehydration below 104F preserves  the levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Meats, poultry, eggs and fish are first steam-heated to 165F to kill any pathogens. Potatoes and grain are steamed or rolled to break down cellulose and increase digestibility. The result is a food that is compact, lightweight and truly honest, without any funky digests or “natural flavorings” to make them more appealing. To serve, simply rehydrate with warm water and feed as a complete meal or a topper. The water you add is an important and much overlooked nutrient. Moisture is vital for all the body’s systems, especially the urinary tract and kidneys.

Can The Honest Kitchen solve your pet’s problem?

We have come to know THK as a great problem solver. Zeal’s fish formula works miracles for all kinds of allergies and food sensitivities, and can also help avoid pancreatic flare-ups due to its low fat content. Puppies benefit from the higher fat in Embark, Thrive and Love. Because tumors feed on carbohydrates, the low carb levels in Zeal and Embark can help support cancer recovery. Keen, with cage-free turkey and oats, is our most popular and low cost formula. Force, the most popular grain-free formula, has free-range chicken, veggies and fruit. For pet parents who want to add their own protein component, we have Preference, a base food that you can add any raw or cooked proteins to and have a complete food.  A 10lb box makes over 40 pounds of fresh food!  Dog formulas in 10lb and 4lb boxes, from $29.99 to 107.99. Cat formula in 2lb. box, $28.99

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