Firm Up: Pumpkin for Digestive Health

//Firm Up: Pumpkin for Digestive Health

Firm Up: Pumpkin for Digestive Health

Support regularity, happiness, and health!

October is known for lots of wonderful things: beautiful fall weather, Halloween, and PUMPKINS!

Firm Up!Many pet parents feed canned pumpkin to soothe an irritated gut or stop a case of the runs. The fiber in pumpkin is well known for improving regularity in either direction – firming up soft stools or easing constipation.  Pumpkin fiber also feeds and nurtures healthy intestinal flora.

Now there’s something we like even better — FiRM UP, a digestive supplement for dogs and cats containing only freeze-dried pumpkin and apple fiber. Mix up as much as you need with equal parts water and add to food. No wasting half the can when you want just a few spoons. It can be used daily if necessary and is a great tool for transitioning from one food to another. Also try Firm Up with Cranberry for urinary tract support.  100% sourced in the USA. $9.99 ea.

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