Healing Fats

//Healing Fats

Healing Fats

By Susan Moss

Does Your Pet Need More Good Fats?

What EFAs Can DoEven if your pet’s food contains a liberal amount of fat, he may not be getting enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) to meet his body’s needs. Called “essential” because they cannot be synthesized in the body and must be taken in as food, they play a central role in health and aging. There are two main classes of EFAs: Omega-6s (mostly from plants) and Omega-3s (mostly from animals), and they have very different roles to play.

How EFAs Function in the Body


Omega-6s are part of the structure of all cell walls and form the skin’s water barrier. If your dog’s skin is dry or sheds a lot, chances are that he needs more of these. They also turn on the immune system’s inflammatory response, an important tool when fighting off illness or infections. Omega-3, especially EPA , which is found in concentrated amounts mainly in marine oils, can turn down the inflammatory response if it becomes overstimulated. Conditions that respond to EPA’s “cooling” effect are inflamed intestines (IBD, colitis), inflamed joints (arthritis), and inflamed skin (allergies, rashes, hot spots). DHA is an Omega-3 found in brain, nerve and eye tissue, and is thought to be a key component of the central nervous system. Having a DHA deficiency can lead to problems with vision, memory, learning and retention.


Omega-3 Supplements in Oil or Capsule Form

Mammals need Omega-6s and Omega-3s in about equal amount in their diet. But while Omega-6s are plentiful in pet food, Omega 3s are rare and not very stable. This problem is compounded by the fact that AAFCO nutrient profiles, based on antiquated research dating back to the 1950’s, have no requirement for Omega-3s, omitting them from their “100% complete and balanced” list. Even high quality pet foods that supply Omega-3s cannot guarantee they will still be in the bag weeks or months after manufacture. New findings that EFAs can slow the effects of aging, in terms of recovery time from exercise or injury, stiffening of joints and wearing down of cartilage make it a wise decision to start supplementing your cat or dog every day.


Omega Ocean Supreme and Fish Oil Plus

Good Things Come in Small Bottles

Not all fish oil supplements are alike. We have learned firsthand that quality can vary in ways you can’t detect from reading the label. Like how the oil was extracted, handled and stored. Whether it came from wild fish that ate marine algae or farmed fish that ate grain pellets. All of these factors affect the EPA/DHA content and general health benefits.

Ocean Omega Supreme is made entirely in the USA with the very best wild harvested Alaskan salmon and Menhaden fish oils, preserved with vitamin E. Higher in EPA and DHA than straight salmon oil! One bottle will last a 40 lb dog for 48 days, or a cat for 6 months! We recommend refrigerating after opening and using within 60 or 90 days. You should see visible change in coat condition after just one bottle.

Fish Oil Plus capsules, shaped like little whales, blend wild salmon oil and 3 sustainable fish oils from sardines, anchovies and mackerel with barleygrass. They’re easy to give as a treat, or twist off the tail and squeeze the contents onto food. Great for cats and small dogs.  Needs no refrigeration.

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