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The Best Nutrition is Simple

Firstmate Pet Foods, our Canadian neighbors from Chilliwack, BC, are known for their simple pure formulas and top quality ingredients. Their “one protein, one carb” philosophy makes Firstmate the ideal kibble for transitioning pets off grocery store foods or dealing with allergies and food sensitivities. A notable feature is the inclusion of high amounts of fresh blueberries, known to have antioxidant effects five times greater than common fruits and vegetables, in two of their formulas.  Learn more about the health benefits of blueberries here.


Single Source Proteins for Dogs

Chicken & Blueberries is easy to digest, making it a good transition diet. With potato, chicken meal, chicken fat and a whopping 5% blueberries (for their powerful antioxidant benefit), we’ve even heard reports of dogs’ tear stains clearing up after eating this food for a while.

Australian Lamb is recommended for many kinds of food sensitivities, allergies or as an elimination diet. It contains potato, lamb meal, tomato pomace and chicken fat*, with smaller amounts of cranberries, blueberries and raspberries for an immune system boost. Ocean Pacific Fish, made with potato, whole wild fish (herring, sardines and anchovies), tomato pomace and chicken fat*, contains naturally sourced omega-3s for great coat condition and good immune support.

The blueberry cat formula, Fish & Potato with Blueberries , is a grain-free food for all feline life stages containing whole wild fish (not just frames) and 5% blueberries for a strong immune system, healthy eye and brain development and good urinary tract health.

* high-quality chicken fat is purified to remove any proteins that might trigger an allergy response in animals sensitive to chicken.


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