Breaking Into Raw Without Breaking The Bank

//Breaking Into Raw Without Breaking The Bank

Breaking Into Raw Without Breaking The Bank

Novel Protein

Dogs love the taste of pork, and now there’s a raw food that feeds that craving. Tucker’s Raw Frozen Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet made from human-grade USDA pork rib and chopped meat that has been certified free of potentially harmful parasites.  Originally made as a popular zoo diet for carnivores, Tucker’s contain 95% meat, bone and marrow and 5% pumpkin as a fiber source to help ease the transition to raw. Pork is lower in fat and higher in protein than beef, and because it hasn’t been overused in canine diets, it qualifies as a novel protein for dogs with food sensitivities to other protein sources without the price tag that usually comes with the novelty!

Clean and Convenient

Tucker’s is the first food we’ve tried with absolutely no ick factor. It’s not bloody or runny, and you can peel back the plastic on an individually wrapped patty without it ever touching your fingers. Drop it into the reusable thaw and serve tray that comes in each bag. Every part of the product and packaging is sourced in the USA and can be recycled. Tucker’s Pork with Bison Heart & Pumpkin and Pork with Lamb Heart & Pumpkin… 6 lb. bag (12 wrapped patties) for $24.99.

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