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K-9 Natural for Dogs

Ten years ago, British police dog trainer Geoff Bowers put his dogs on a raw prey diet, and noticed that they had superior stamina and performance in the field than on kibble, and their vet bills dwindled to zero. Intrigued, he took time off to study natural canine diets, spending three months in the freezing landscape of Alaska monitoring the feeding habits of the grey wolf. Together with a research scientist, he examined the carcasses of dead moose to see which parts the wolves ate, how much they ate and what they left behind.

His research led to K9 Natural, a minimally processed, freeze-dried dog food that marries exceptional quality with convenience. Made in New Zealand from fresh, local ingredients, K9 Natural is a complete food suitable for all breeds, from tiny to giant, and all ages from puppies to seniors.

“Like a Lamb in a Box”
The formula of K9 Natural closely mimics a prey animal that a wild canine would dine upon. The large box of lamb diet (which makes 35 lbs. of food) contains approximately 40 pounds of lamb, including the blood and the bones, plus one heart, one liver, two kidneys, green tripe and part of the stomach. Animal ingredients account for 85% of the food´s contents. The rest consists of seasonal vegetables, fruits, eggs and garlic. One very unique feature is the absence of added vitamins, minerals or supplements to boost its nutritional content. Blood, which carries the dissolved nutrients circulating in the body, is used instead to meet all AAFCO nutrient profiles.

More Omega-3s from Grass-Feeding
Seven years ago Bowers relocated from Britain to New Zealand, to source the highest quality plant and animal ingredients for his food. With vast fertile spaces, all meat animals are completely grass-fed and pasture-raised without added hormones or antibiotics. One result is more healthful meat higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than corn-fattened commercial feedlot meats. And because the especially nutritious webbed fat that surrounds the animals´ inner organs is utilized, even more of these healing fats end up in your dog´s bowl. The fat content of K9 Natural is one of the reasons the food performs so well.

Serve Your Dog a Warm Meal Tonight
K9 Natural is convenient and simple to use. Just mix with warm water (no higher than 98.6 degrees), stir and stand back. It´s some of the most palatable and delicious food our dogs have ever been offered. And because it´s nutritionally concentrated, feeding levels are low. The only addition we would recommend is a daily meaty bone to clean teeth and provide chewing satisfaction. Bone appétit!

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