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almo20% OFF all varieties
Almo Nature cat cans

  • made purely from high quality chicken and fish, with no additives or thickeners 
  • delectable varieties make rotational feeding easy
  • from Italy, and canned in Thailand
  • adds supplemental protein to your cat’s diet

 2.47oz can, reg $1.49


small_batchSmall Batch
locally-made raw for dogs & cats
$4 off any 6lb bag
$2 off  any 3lb bag 
$1 off any 2lb chub

  • minimally processed             
  • grown and prepared locally
  • humanely raised meats – no antibiotics or hormones
  • made with organic ingredients whenever possible
  • vitamins, minerals, amino acids & EFAs from whole food source

Reg $8.99–32.99


sandcmmNew! Add kick to your kibble!
Stella & Chewy’s
Meal Mixers
$3 off any 18oz bag
$2 off any 9oz bag  
$1 off any 3.5oz bag

  • 95% nutrient-rich meat, organs and bone
  • From grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry & wild-caught fish
  • Complemented by organic fruits & vegetables
  • Packed with probiotics and antioxidants
  • Free of hormones, antibiotics, grains and artificial preservatives

Reg. $8.99–34.99

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