Special Offers

By Nature
organic or grain free canned cat food
15% off all varieties

by_nature• high protein and high moisture food helps your kitty thrive

• choose tasty combos of grain free chunks and gravy, or USDA certified organic

Reg $1.59–1.99.



Natural Balance
stock up sale!

NB_bags$5 OFF L.I.D. for dogs

26lb bags. Reg $55.99–61.99

Duck, Venison, Fish or Bison



20% OFF L.I.D. cans for dogs

NB_CansAll cans. Reg. $2.19

Duck, Venison, Fish or Boar

Nothing is a more common and bewildering problem than dogs with itchy skin! Many veterinarians recommend trying a novel protein and limited ingredient diet first to avoid food sensitivities. Natural Balance fills the bill with their L.I.D. formulas!



Pioneer Pet water fountains for cats and dogs

$5 OFF

pioneer_etany style or size

• Raindrop or Big Max styles

• stainless steel or ceramic

• circulating water encourages your pet to drink

• replaceable charcoal filter keeps water fresh

• durable and easy to clean

Reg $59.99–99.99.

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