Special Offers

THKThe Honest Kitchen complete dehydrated food
$8 off any variety 10lb box, $4 off any 4lb box

  • the sweet spot between raw and kibble!
  • add warm water to serve a home made meal in minutes
  • minimally processed, closer to fresh whole food
  • 8 recipes for variety in protein sources and other nutrients

Reg $30.99–119.99.  

THK_baseThe Honest Kitchen NEW! base mixes

  • just rehydrate and add your choice of meat,  raw or cooked
  • takes the guesswork out of home-prepared



FREE ROAR ground turkey necks or ground chicken backs with The Honest Kitchen Base Mixes  

  • ROAR2  2lb chubs with any 7lb box
  • 1  2lb chub with any 3lb box



eveangers_dog20% off all varieties
Evanger’s dog food cans

  • healthy, wholesome and human-grade since 1935!
  • Hand Packed recipes to please the pickiest dogs
  • Classics cans are delicious and economical
  • made in Evanger’s own U.S. cannery

Reg $1.69–3.19  



evangers_cat20% off all varieties
Evanger’s cat food cans

  • all natural, grain-free and human-grade!
  • two organic recipes  – chicken and turkey
  • 100% game meats provide  extra protein and moisture
  • made in Evanger’s own U.S. cannery

Reg $1.19–1.79 


integrityIntegrity natural cat litters
$4 off any large bag, $2 off med. $1 off small

Natural Corn Cob+ 

  • light weight, low-tracking
  • forms strong clumps
  • excellent odor control and fresh scent

NEW! Clumping Pine

  • naturally controls odors 
  • low tracking and won’t stick  to fur
  • made of reclaimed pine wood

Reg $9.99–26.99

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