Special Offers


Save on Connectin for dogs and cats

$7 off any Connectin over $50

$3 off any Connectin under $50

  • Clinically proven to work in just 15 days
  • Supplemental powerhouse for joint health
  • Pharmaceutical grade glucosamine brings results
  • Chondroitin lubricates joints
  • 9 Herbs relieve inflammation and provide antioxidants


Wild Calling Grain-free kibble made with fresh human-grade meats

$7 off 25lb for dogs

$5 off 13lb $2 off 4.5lb

$3 off 4.75lb for cats

For dogs:  With two delicious multiple meat recipes (featuring great ingredients like Elk, Duck and Salmon), and three single meat recipes designed for rotational feeding or dogs with food restrictions, we’re certain you’ll find something your dog will love!

NEW! For cats:  Your obligate carnivore will love the meaty taste of these grain-free, single protein (Rabbit, Salmon or Turkey) foods.


Primal Frozen Complete Raw Diets for Dogs and Cats

$6 off 6lb for dogs

$4 off 3lb bag for dogs or cats or 4lb Pronto for dogs  

$1 off 1lb bag Pronto for cats

  • 100% fresh, human grade ingredients
  • organic produce and natural vitamins
  • no antibiotics or added hormones
  • small nuggets or Pronto pieces thaw in minutes


Natural Balance canned dog and cat food

25% off all cans & pouches for dogs and cats

For dogs and cats with itchy skin or food sensitivities, veterinarians recommend limited ingredient diets with novel proteins to avoid triggering reactions. Natural Balance fills the bill with their single protein L.I.D. formulas – grain-free Duck, Venison, Fish, Rabbit or Wild Boar for dogs, and Duck, Venison or Fish for cats.

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