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Pet Gazette | August 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet Care
The Prescription Diet Dilemma

By Susan Moss

What EFAs Can DoDoes Your Pet Need More Good Fats?

Even if your pet’s food contains a liberal amount of fat, he may not be getting enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) to meet his body’s needs. Called “essential” because they cannot be synthesized in the body and must be taken in as food, they play a central role in health and aging. There are two main classes of EFAs: Omega-6s (mostly from plants) and Omega-3s (mostly from animals), and they have very different roles to play.

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Omega Ocean Supreme and Fish Oil Plus

Good Things Come in Small Bottles

Not all fish oil supplements are alike. We have learned firsthand that quality can vary in ways you can’t detect from reading the label. Like how the oil was extracted, handled and stored. Whether it came from wild fish that ate marine algae or farmed fish that ate grain pellets. All of these factors affect the EPA/DHA content and general health benefits.

Ocean Omega Supreme is made entirely in the USA with the very best wild harvested Alaskan salmon and Menhaden fish oils, preserved with vitamin E. Higher in EPA and DHA than straight salmon oil! One bottle will last a 40 lb dog for 48 days, or a cat for 6 months! We recommend refrigerating after opening and using within 60 or 90 days. You should see visible change in coat condition after just one bottle.

Fish Oil Plus capsules, shaped like little whales, blend wild salmon oil and 3 sustainable fish oils from sardines, anchovies and mackerel with barleygrass. They’re easy to give as a treat, or twist off the tail and squeeze the contents onto food. Great for cats and small dogs.  Needs no refrigeration.

New and Noteworthy at All The Best

The Best Nutrition is Simple

Firstmate Pet Foods, our Canadian neighbors from Chilliwack, BC, are known for their simple pure formulas and top quality ingredients. Their “one protein, one carb” philosophy makes Firstmate the  ideal kibble for transitioning pets off grocery store foods or dealing with allergies and food sensitivities. A notable feature is the inclusion of high amounts of fresh blueberries, known to have antioxidant effects five times greater than common fruits and vegetables, in two of their formulas.  



15% Off!Micro-Cannery Luxury Pet Food

After the pet food recall of 2007, when hundreds of animals died as result of contaminated ingredients from China, the folks at Lotus Pet Foods decided to build their own micro-cannery right in their home town so they could strictly control what goes into their formulas. The results are three divine pates for cats and three velvety stews for dogs, made from pure human-grade, all-natural ingredients without grains, fillers or thickeners like carrageenan, guar gum or xanthum gum.



We have been nominated for “Best Pet Supplies” on King 5 and Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington competition!

We have been enthusiastically providing you with the best cat and dog foods, treats, toys and accessories since 1985 and our friendly and knowledgable employees offer the best service in town, always giving treats to reward your four-legged friends.

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