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Pet Gazette | September 2011 Vol. 2The Magic of Enzymes

Enzymes put the Life in Life Force
Enzymes are the workhorses of the natural world, powering all our unseen biological processes. Without them we couldn’t break down food in our bodies, absorb nutrients or power our immune systems. Every animal needs enzymes in order to live.

Where do enzymes come from?
Present in all living cells, both plant and animal, enzymes are abundant in a fresh, raw diet.  But cooking destroys them (from 104 – 118º F), forcing the body to synthesize its own enzymes on demand in the pancreas in order to perform the essential activity of converting larger molecules into smaller ones. This draws off a great deal of vital energy that the body would otherwise use for removing toxins and pathogens, and combatting pre-cancerous cells. For more about how enzymes work, click here.

What can enzymes do for your pet?
Most animals eat a mainly cooked diet, stressing their systems and weakening them over time. Lack of enzymes lead to allergies, skin problems, digestive disorders, obesity, low energy, runny eyes and nose, bad breath, body odor, and premature aging. Switching to a raw diet would correct many problems, but another simple solution is to add supplemental enzymes to food at every meal.

For itching, excessive shedding and poor coat:
Use Enzymes Plus, containing enzymes, natural Vitamin C and kelp. Good for dry flaky skin, sparse or rough coat, hot spots, paw-licking, and tail-chewing. Can help stop the itch and allow healing to take place. We’ve seen it grow hair on some very bare animals!

For digestive issues:
Try Good Digestion, formulated with enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Helps get rid of smelly gas, gurgling in the belly, soft or mucous-y stools. Recommended for any dog or cat with sensitive stomach, occasional vomiting, and fatigue or pain after eating. For more about All The Best Enzyme Formulas, click here.

ATB Enzyme Formula Sale

RAD CAT Raw Diet

Cat parents, now is the time!

Perhaps you've made incremental improvements in your cat's diet. Stopped free-feeding dry food. Transitioned her to canned, a little at a time. Began rotating in different flavors and protein sources for variety.

Things are going well. She's glossed up and slimmed down, can now reach around to her butt for cleaning, lost the dandruff problem, and the litter box is smelling better. But wait…there's more.

You could go all the way to RAW. The ultimate carnivore high-meat high-moisture diet that puts an end to obesity, urinary problems, dental decay, arthritis and digestive disorders. One more transition, with a pretty big pay-off. Your cat will be sleeker, more muscled and lean, ageless, practically immortal, with clear eyes and infinite non-jittery energy. No more litter box smell and very little to scoop out. She'll be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound…

The Method

TIP: Start out with a raw cat food that has NO vegetables (they don't really need or like them), like Rad Cat, Vital Essentials or Natural Pet Pantry. Be prepared to spend at least two weeks overcoming your cat's previous food imprinting. They are creatures of habit, after all.

SECOND TIP: No free-feeding!! Pick up leftover food at night, wash bowl to remove the food smell and wait until your cat is hungry the next morning to offer some raw. (Cats are gorge and fast eaters – they do best on a morning/evening schedule.) Then, put down a tiny spoonful of thawed raw food either by itself or mixed with regular food. Occasionally a cat will want to lick it off your finger. But I digress. Best bet is to mix with a favorite canned food. If accepted, slowly increase amount of raw at each meal. If acceptance is not forthcoming, we have a whole bag of techniques and inducements.

Latest Tricks and Bribes

  • bring raw food up to “kill’ temperature—about 100ºF
  • mix with the stinkiest canned fish food you can find
  • add warm chicken broth if your cat likes it soupy
  • try freeze-dried chicken or salmon treats as a topper
  • drop a few bonito (tuna) flakes on top; it will melt in
  • add some juice from a can of water-packed tuna
  • sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on top
  • crush up a favorite dry food as a topper
  • dip whole pieces of a favorite dry food in the raw food
  • put a bit of raw in paper cupcake liners and hide around the house so your cat can “hunt“ for them

Read this great article about transitioning your cat to raw or canned food >>


Great Life Performance Pet Producs

Holistic Food for Your Unique Animal

It’s not easy being innovative in the pet food world, but Great Life manages to pull it off. It’s founder, Dr. Elliot Harvey, herbalist and author of “The Healthy Holistic Dog”, understands how different ingredients affect body chemistry and how certain whole foods, herbs, seeds, and oils can improve general health and ward off conditions like allergies, diabetes and arthritis.

Single Protein, No Potatoes

Grain-free Great Life dry foods have a single protein source (buffalo, salmon or chicken) to manage allergies and food sensitivities, and a unique combination of low-glycemic carbs -- jicama, yams and tapioca – to prevent the onset of diabetes. Sprouted chia seeds, abundant source of Omega 3's help skin and coat, immune function and calms inflammation. But the most innovative ingredient is Great Life’s Nutri-Coat freeze-dried raw food blend* that includes active enzymes, probiotics and wild salmon oil that coats and saturates each kibble.

Essentials” Cans for Dogs and Cats

Great Life’s cans for dogs offer great taste and flavor variety – Chicken Parmigiana, Beef Wellington, Baby Back Ribs, Peking Duck, Irish Stew and Wild Salmon. All cans, dog and cat, contain these organic ingredients: blueberries, tomatoes, pumpkin, yams, and (our favorite!) chia seeds. Great Life foods, dry and canned, are rigorously tested for pathogens and contaminants.

*Partial Nutri-Coat line-up: Freeze Dried New Zealand Green Mussel, Freeze Dried Pumpkin, Freeze Dried Squash, Freeze Dried Parsley, Freeze Dried Papaya, Freeze Dried Chia Seed, Freeze Dried Kale Sprouts, Freeze Dried Broccoli Sprouts, Freeze Dried Barley Sprouts, enzymes and probiotics.

**Please transition slowly onto Great Life to avoid the body cleaning out waste products too fast.


New Product Spotlight: Purr & Simple

Incredible Odor Control from Walnut, Macadamia and Pistachio Shells

We are very picky about committing to a new cat litter -- it needs to have great odor control, be good for the planet, kind to the wallet, and offer something unique or different.

We have found an original one—Purr & Simple. It comes in both a clumping and a pellet form. Both are dust-free, non-tracking, flushable and safe for septic systems. But what really stands out is how it neutralizes ammonia odors, as evidenced by the complete absence of a urine smell when we pass by the litter box.

Environmental benefits - it's made from the shells of U.S. grown nuts, and renews itself yearly when a new crop is harvested. Purr & Simple doesn't take food out of the global food supply, and it’s priced below any of our corn or wheat litters. This litter is part of our Healthy Rewards program.

Purr and Simple SALE

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