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Get your dog a Ph.D. in problem-solving with these educational treat-dispensing games by Nina Ottosson. Imagine YOUR dog solving challenging puzzles of increasing complexity designed to activate his brain as he reaps the tasty rewards inside. Like a wild canine on the hunt, he'll need to employ all his natural skills and dexterity to the emotionally satisfying task of tracking down his prey. And the better the treat, the more exciting the hunt!

FREE high value treats with every Ottosson purchase thru Sept 30thEach game's degree of difficulty can be increased as your dog gains mastery over the required tasks for nose and paws. Teach him commands like "wait", "go ahead", "go back" and "find it" while you are playing, and give praise when he does the right thing. Together you will have fun!

Designed and originally marketed in Sweden, Ottosson's games have become a much loved addition to many canine toy boxes. While treats are the most high value rewards, kibble, frozen or even canned food can be utilized inside the hidden pockets. All game parts are made of sturdy high quality plastic for dish-washer safe cleaning and long wear. Priced from $42.99 to $59.99.

Why Kelp?
Give me kelp, pleaseAlthough kelp is considered the most nutrient-rich plant on earth, itís been kicking around so long (since there have been oceans) that its value as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats is easy to overlook. But while we marvel over the latest super food (acai berries! chia! barley grass!), kelp works hard, improving the health of our animals. Our agricultural soils are often deficient in trace nutrients, but ocean kelps bio-accumulate from seawater every mineral and trace mineral needed for life, as well as large numbers of vitamins, amino acids and fibers to nourish the intestinal flora, all in a naturally chelated form for easy absorption into the body. Kelp is known to be anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic. It cleanses the digestive tract and prevents the absorption of toxic metals.

Since our days showing Akita dogs in the 1980ís weíve used kelp as a natural source of the trace mineral, iodine, and seen itís miraculous effects. Iodine is the raw material the thyroid gland needs to make thyroxin, the hormone that governs many metabolic functions. Without enough in the diet, dogs become overweight and sluggish, with sparse coat and breeding problems. On the dog show circuit it was used as a general strengthener and revitalizer, beautifying skin and coat, restoring pigmentation and improving reproduction. It also speeds healing from injuries, increases resistance to parasites and helps alleviate allergy symptoms. Best of all, itís inexpensive and easy to use. You only need a little to do so much!

Please check out our new line of Pet Kelp products made especially for animals. There are three different formulas, all made with kelp from the pristine waters of the rugged North Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia.

Save a buck!

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Speeds healing of wounds
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms
  • Increases resistance to parasites,
    including fleas
  • Helps skin and coat, intensifies coat color
  • Larger litters, easier birthing
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