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Pet Gazette | August 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet Care
Introducing: Northwest Naturals

A Growing Trend

A recent study of pet owners suggests that the old pet food myth, “Never change your pet’s food”, is giving way to a more natural and intuitive method of feeding. Instead of deciding which formula will best meet all your pet’s needs and sticking to it for life, 49% of consumers reported switching among foods regularly or occasionally within a year. Feeding a variety of different foods, some of them minimally unprocessed, is becoming more common.


Introducing: Northwest Naturals
Introducing: Northwest Naturals

A Great Introduction to Raw!

Looking for a raw food that’s local, affordable, quick thawing, non-messy and as easy to feed as kibble? Northwest Naturals may be right for you! Their dinner nuggets come in Chicken, Turkey, Chicken/Salmon, Bison and Lamb, with 80% meat (92% for Chicken/Salmon) and a spectrum of fresh fruits and vegetables. They can be served as a meal or used as a topper with other foods. Rotation is easy – just choose a different flavor when it’s time for a new bag. Raw feeding brings about shiny coats, healthy skin, sweet breath, and easier weight control.

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Taste of the Wild: Advanced Grain-Free Nutrition

Taste of the WildTaste Of The Wild has many virtues – unique and flavorful formulas at a great price, with lots of real meat and low carbohydrate levels, far lower than most comparably priced foods.  Pacific Stream, with salmon and ocean fish, is popular for dogs with food sensitivities. High Prairie contains bison, lamb and venison.  Wetlands delivers a veritable feast of poultry, with duck, chicken, quail and turkey.  Sierra Mountain is a single-meat formula featuring roasted lamb. Their newest recipe, Southwest Canyon, is a hearty red meat melange of beef, lamb and wild boar.


Taste of the Wild on Sale Now!
Keep Cozy in a Crescent Bed

New! The Crescent Bed

Our new Crescent Bed from Bowsers is getting three wags and lots of drools! The low profile couch design has an open front for easy entry and a cushioned bolster that your dog can curl up against for a feeling of security. They are excellent for older dogs and puppies that have trouble stepping into a higher bed. Crescents are reversible, from sophisticated pattern to solid color – simply flip inside out for a great new look!


Firm Up: Pumpkin for Digestive Health

Firm Up!Support regularity, happiness and health!

October is known for lots of wonderful things: beautiful fall weather, Halloween, and PUMPKINS!

Many pet parents feed canned pumpkin to soothe an irritated gut or stop a case of the runs. The fiber in pumpkin is well known for improving regularity in either direction - firming up soft stools or easing constipation.  Pumpkin fiber also feeds and nurtures healthy intestinal flora.


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