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Pet Gazette | September 2011 Vol. 2The Magic of Enzymes

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips

 “I recommend 1/4 tsp. coconut oil for every 10 lbs of body weight twice daily for all my patients” 

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, Integrative Veterinarian

Coconut oil has recently become prized both as medicine and as food. Composed mainly of a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) called lauric acid, properly prepared coconut oil speeds up healing, increases immunity, boosts metabolism and defends against bacteria, fungus and parasites. The only other abundant source of lauric acid in nature is mother’s milk, which also confers immunity from pathogens and disease.

For dogs and cats, CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can reduce allergic reactions, clear up skin disorders, improve nutrient absorption, help heal digestive disorders and chronic diarrhea, increase energy, promote weight loss, relieve arthritis symptoms, eliminate doggy odor and reduce hairballs. It's easy to feed, from your hand or in food, because they really like the taste! Start slowly with small amounts as temporary detoxification symptoms may occur.

 “Why We're Nuts about Coconuts” 

Read about the experiences of Chrisa and Carmina, CocoTherapy's founders

Why CocoTherapy Products?
There are many coconut oils on the market, but only CocoTherapy is specifically made for animals. Grown on a USDA organically certified family plantation in the Philippines, the coconuts are harvested at 12 months of age using traditional methods to produce the purest oil with the highest lauric acid content (64%). Other oils, especially those meant for cooking, may not contain as much or be as effective.

Organic Coconut Chips - Great Source of Fiber
We like the chips almost more than the oil - they are that good! They can perform wonders for dogs with chronically hard or soft stools, inflammatory bowel problems or anal gland problems. Ordinary coconut chips would come out intact if your pet ate them, but Cocotherapy chips have been ground up fine and pressed together again to form chips that dissolve quickly in the stomach. Your dog will think it's a tasty treat, so don't forget that a little goes a long way.


ATB Enzyme Formula Sale

RAD CAT Raw Diet

We have to pay our respects to ORIJEN - it is truly in a class of its own. Made by Champion, a family-owned boutique pet food company in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN has taken kibble to a new level, pioneering biologically appropriate diets for dogs and cats that are superbly high in animal proteins, low in carbohydrates and grain-free with a wealth of fruits, vegetables, grasses and botanicals. Named “Pet Food of The Year” by the Glycemic Research Institute, it has been formulated to maintain steady blood sugar levels, a significant factor in preventing obesity and diabetes.

The Most Interesting Dog In The World

"I don't often eat dog food, but when I do, I eat ORIJEN"
~The most interesting dog in the world

Farm-to-Table Eating
Like a restaurant whose menu lists the farm or ranch where your dinner was sustainably raised, the folks at ORIJEN have cultivated a close relationship of trust with every one of its regional meat, poultry, fish and egg suppliers. Each day they take delivery of fresh, perishable ingredients that have been passed as ‘fit for human consumption’ by the Canadian government. (This unusual level of freshness is one reason the food has such great taste appeal). ORIJEN is 75 - 80% fresh meat, the highest of any dry pet food we know of. Even the senior food is high in the digestible proteins carnivores thrive upon, because older dogs need high-quality protein even more than younger ones.

Many Fresh Canadian Fish 
Reading labels, you may notice an amazing diversity of both saltwater and freshwater fish in all the ORIJEN formulas. Walleye, whitefish, northern pike, flounder, herring and salmon in various combinations - why so many?  Because fresh fish (not fish meals) are fantastic sources of high quality proteins and active Omega-3 fatty acids, just the thing to produce glossy coats and healthy immune systems. And it could be why skin problems almost always disappear when an animal starts on ORIJEN.

Part of a ‘Variety and Rotation’ Diet
ORIJEN fits right in with our preferred method of component feeding, changing up both ingredients and forms of food (including canned, raw and freeze-dried) at various meals in addition to dry.  ORIJEN has three dog formulas and two cat formulas to make variety and rotation simple.  All possess world-class freshness, safety and uncompromised nutritional quality.


Great Life Performance Pet Producs

Holistic Food for Your Unique Animal
We love the whole chunks of human-grade tuna and seafood in this simple and beautiful food! Fussie Cat is grain-free, high in protein, high in moisture, low in fat and low in excess mineral content. It even has a unique pre-biotic (olio sugar, actually a fiber) to help maintain the friendly bacteria in your cat’s digestive system, and makes a good addition to your cat’s rotating menu.

A Gateway Food to Canned or Raw
These handy little cans are the perfect tool to transition your cat to moist food because the strong fish flavors are so appealing to the feline palate, especially to felines hooked on dry food. (Most dry cat foods contain souped up palatability enhancers that overwhelm the senses and keep them coming back.) Try any of these 9 varieties : Tuna & Chicken,Tuna & Small White Fish, Tuna & Salmon, Tuna & Green Mussel, Tuna & Prawn, Tuna & Shrimp, Tuna & Crab or Chicken & Vegetables. All cans .89 ea.


New Product Spotlight: Purr & Simple

Hand Made in the USA

Keep your pet toasty and warm with an incredibly soft and cuddly Bessie & Barnie Bagel Bed or reversible Throw Blanket with ruffled trim (perfect for couch or crate). We have a wide assortment of luxurious faux furs, chic animal prints and elegant patterns, in all sizes from extra small to extra large. Many people buy one for themselves or as a gift!

All fabrics and covers are machine washable in cold water on gentle cycle. To restore softness, simply air dry without heat to fluff up. Bagel beds 79.99 to 179.99. Blankets 39.99 to 99.99.

Purr and Simple SALE

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