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Kibble Alternatives

Simple, Convenient, Healthy
A growing trend in pet nutrition is the advent of “alternative diets” that have been gently dehydrated, air-dried or freeze-dried to retain nutrition and flavor. This minimal processing at low temperatures preserves the molecular structure of the proteins, fats, vitamins, and enzymes that are inactivated or damaged by high heat and extrusion, the process used to make kibble. Less heat and less processing results in healthier, more natural food. Because most of the water is removed, they are shelf stable without refrigeration or added preservatives.

"I’d rather eat a warm meaty porridge
than a hard dry kibble!"

Moist and Fragrant
Alternative foods look, smell and taste like real food, with identifiable ingredients. What’s left out (fillers, low-quality proteins, grain fractions) is almost as important as what’s included. Most are designed to be rehydrated with warm water, because hydration is so crucial to an animal’s health.  Fresh food, our nutritional benchmark, is always high in moisture, and it’s far easier for the body to digest wet food than dry food. Adding warm water has the additional effect of releasing the delicious aromas that add to your pet’s enjoyment.

A Tasty Stew
Some of our favorites are Grandma Lucy’s, Sojo’s and The Honest Kitchen. They all feature human-grade meats, vegetables and other ingredients. Visually they resemble stew or porridge when rehydrated, with moderate meat content and carbohydrates from a variety of starchy ingredients - potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, oats or sometimes other low gluten grains.  Dogs who can benefit include the picky, allergy-prone, digestively-challenged and high energy dogs who have trouble keeping weight on with exclusively raw diets. Often, animals who exhibit sensitivities to certain ingredients in kibble don’t seem to have the same reaction when it comes in a less processed form.

Design Your Own Alternative Food
Each of our featured foods makes a meat-free pre-mix, enabling you to add the protein of your choice to make a complete food. Use any raw meat or raw grind(mix containing meat, organ and bone), cooked meat, canned fish, eggs or cottage cheese. Variety is good, so don’t stick with the same protein every time. More vegetables, fruits, oils and supplements are all optional mix-ins. Or combine a pre-mix with ROAR Ground Turkey Necks or ROAR Ground Chicken Backs. It’s the same stuff that commercial raw food companies use as a base for their formulas, and at only $1.99/lb., your dog will enjoy a fine and economical meal!

Beautiful Bowser Beds
Maybe its time to have the conversation

Maybe it's time to have the conversation

Do you have to hide your dog's bed when company comes? You need a Bowser bed! We love them for their durability and lasting beauty. This season we have new styles and patterns that you're sure to love.

Your dog will feel cozy and secure curled up in her Dutchie or Donut bolstered bed. Donuts feature elegant tufted cushions that can double as a crate mat. Dutchies have larger bolsters and more support on the bottom for larger or older dogs.

Dutchie Bed

Too pretty to hide!

The new Isotonic Memory Foam Beds support your dog’s body in perfect alignment, eliminating painful pressure points and soreness upon arising from a nap. They can also provide preventative care to help younger dogs’ joints age well. The new generation open cell memory foam is lighter and more breathable than older versions.

All Bowser bed covers are completely machine washable and dryable. Their plush furniture-grade microvelvet fabrics wear like iron and become softer with each washing. Some of our staff have had their beds for ten years, and they still look like new. Swatch books are available to help you choose from dozens of designer patterns to create your perfect bed!

Bowser Bed Sale


Ultimate Health with Mangosteen

The Magic of Mangosteen

A dog named Rachel, fostered by one of our staff members, confirmed how effective our newest supplement for dogs can be. Rachel was plagued by severe skin allergies with itchy infected sores that had resisted other kinds of treatment. But she was measurably improved after a month on Ultimate Health, which is suggested for dogs with skin problems, joint pain or poor general health.


Rachel, wearing a shirt to
hide her skin

The main ingredient, mangosteen (no relation to the mango), is revered in Asia as the "Queen of Fruits" for it's delicious flavor and healing properties. It has the highest known concentration of xanthones, a potent antioxidant with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. They help detoxify the body and boost the immune system. Liver flavored Ultimate Health is a good-tasting liquid supplement that can be poured on any food and is easily assimilated. It also contains added glucosamine, MSM and 70 trace minerals for extra nutritional support. Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles.

Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings Now for Cats too

Our visiting dental technician, Scott Blanchard, is now accepting cats as well as dogs for anesthesia-free dental cleanings at our stores. Only routine cleaning can be performed, however, and not all cats are good candidates. If there is significant dental disease or teeth that need extraction, the patient will be referred to a full-service vet for further treatment.

Cats need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be under 4 years of age OR have had a cleaning within the last two years.
  2. Be easy to handle and not grumpy.
  3. Be in a sturdy carrier while waiting for the appointment.

Cost for this service is $150 ($155 after Jan. 1) and takes about 20 minutes. Each store holds a dental clinic for one or two days a month except for December. Please phone the individual store to book an appointment, and go to the Dental Clinic section of our website for a complete list of dates and times.

Maybe its time to have the conversation

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