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Pet Gazette | March 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet CareRaw Food

Home of the Safest, Purest Food Supply

K9 NaturalNew Zealand, known for its stunning rainforests and unspoiled environment, is also revered for the purity of its unpolluted food supply. The temperate climate and nutrient-rich soil provide lush grass for grazing, and food animals are pastured, not factory farmed, feedlot fattened or given antibiotics or hormones. New Zealand’s fresh meats, poultry and produce are justly famous around the world, meeting the most stringent export requirements for safety and quality. These virtues make K9 Natural and Feline Natural possible – a superlative pet food at a great price!

K9 Natural JumpK9 Natural – The Beginning

The passion behind this extraordinary food comes from Geoff Bowers, a former British police dog handler who, 12 years ago, had the brilliant idea to spend his sabbatical in Alaska with a university researcher studying the diets of gray wolves. Returning to England, he applied his newfound knowledge of “biologically appropriate” diets to feeding his search and rescue dogs, with fantastic results! They not only loved the raw-meat-and-bones based food, but they became more muscular and energetic, doubling their stamina in the field.  His dogs’ incidence of cancer, once common, dropped away to nothing. He began sharing his findings with other working dog professionals, and decided to produce his own food.

A Land of 4 Million People and 35 Million Sheep

Geoff quickly calculated that the meat supply in Britain couldn’t support his ambitions --to feed 1% of the world’s dogs an affordable, convenient, nutritionally complete raw diet. So in 2003 he packed up his family and moved to New Zealand’s remote south island to take advantage of the rich agricultural bounty. Today K9 Natural is the market leader in New Zealand, and is coming to our shores for the first time. We are delighted to be among the first retailers to offer this great food!

K9 Natural RunningA Prey Model Diet

Because dogs and wolves share 99.9% of their DNA and have nearly identical digestive systems, K9 Natural complete diets for dogs are based on the prey model diet, utilizing the whole animal, not just frames or scraps that humans leave behind. The muscle meat, crushed bone, blood and organs provide the perfect ratio of nutrients, along with small amounts of veg, fruit, whole egg and garlic. There are no synthetic or added vitamins or minerals. Available frozen in chicken, beef or lamb in resealable freezer bags.

Cats can benefit from a meaty, moist, raw diet even more than dogs, and Feline Natural is nutritionally complete for all cats. Containing only finely minced bits of chicken and small amounts of minced lamb heart, kidney, liver, and green-lipped mussel, it comes in a reusable plastic tub to keep your fridge clean.

K9 Natural Tripe BagGrass-Fed Green Lamb Tripe, With Active Probiotics

100% Green Lamb Tripe is practically a healing miracle for animals with digestive disorders. Tripe is the portion of the stomach lining containing partially digested grasses and beneficial bacteria (probiotics), and is usually eaten first by canines in the wild. Consuming tripe contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract by repopulating the gut. Beef tripe from grain-fed cows, while also nutritious, can’t compare to grass-fed lamb tripe from a pristine environment. Green Lamb Tripe is not a complete diet, but may be fed half-and-half with other foods, or by itself as a healing diet for up to two weeks at a time. It also softens stool somewhat because it doesn’t contain any bone.


SALE! Choosing Safe Foods

This question is on our minds a lot these days. From salmonella contamination to killer toxins produced by moldy grains, fresh risks seem to pop up with regularity. Does fish contain too much mercury? Are vitamins from China dangerous?  Ironically, while people worry most about raw pet foods, the greatest number of animal sickness, deaths and recalls come from extruded kibble.  It seems that large scale, highly mechanized production makes it harder to detect hidden hazards. There are no simple answers to these safety questions, but here are a few guidelines to help avoid future problems:

Some foods are so safe we could eat it tooChoose pet foods that use only human-quality (not feed grade) ingredients.

No meat by-products, pink slime, recycled french fry grease, stale moldy bakery products or over sprayed grain, among other things. These ingredients are not monitored like those for human consumption.  If it’s not good enough for us to eat, it’s not good enough for our four-legged friends.

Choose brands that produce in small batches, preferably in their own facilities.

Careful production and rigorous quality control can help prevent accidental contamination. Raw food manufacturers have the best safety systems in place because pathogens are a constant concern. Dehydrated foods have not had recalls and are safer than kibble.  Low moisture precludes bacterial growth and they don’t have an “enrobing” step like kibble, where flavoring goo is sprayed on after cooling. The coating step is the suspected culprit in the most recent salmonella outbreak. (see article ”is pet food history repeating itself?)

Preparing food in your own kitchen gives you more say about what ends up in the bowl.

More pet owners are whipping up meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients. We have recipes and some of the vital ingredients to help you along. Pick up our handout, “Home-Prepared Diets” at any of our nine retail stores.

Rotation and variety of foods, brands and formulas lessens the impact of any one source of contamination or deficiency. For dogs, our favorite way of adding variety is with different pairings of raw or freeze-dried diets, either to a dehydrated food or to a human-grade kibble. The many components in a single meal add nutritional variety as well as a measure of safety.

Stella & Chewys Sale
The Safest Dog and Cat Toys Made in the USA

Ever wonder that the overwhelming majority of dog and cat toys some from China? So do we. With concerns about quality and unsafe children’s toys from off shore, we decided to find some great choices that are made here in the USA.

Dog Toys

West Paw Designs sews all its own toys under one roof in Bozeman, Montana. They are all eco-friendly, non-toxic and third-party certified safe, so you can feel confident that your fur darlings are out of harm’s way. The adorable plush toys, like Shasta, Floppy Frog, and Tiny Turtle are fun to hold and shake. Wacky Worm is a bungee stretch toy that is squeakerless for those who prefer quiet things. One of them could become your dog’s all-time favorite!

Zogoflex is the name of their strong resilient injection-molded toys that float, get clean in the dishwasher and hold up to strong chewing. We have Hurleys, Ziscs and Bumis. They are nontoxic and recycleable.

Cat Toys

Pet Candy catnip cat toys are handcrafted in Seattle using top-quality, nontoxic materials and the most fragrant catnip you can imagine. Your cat will absolutely adore it! (You never smell anything like that in catnip toys from China.) Bring her a feather-tailed Squirrel or a long and lean Caterpillar if she’s been an especially good kitty.

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