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Pet Gazette | January 2011 Vol. 1

Remember the last time you overindulged and woke up with a hangover, feeling headachy, fatigued, and a little nauseous?  Those symptoms come from the dehydrating effects of alcohol. According to Dr. Jackie Obando, veterinarian at Mercy Vet, that’s exactly how your cat feels when his diet is lacking in moisture.  Because their bodies don’t release anti-diuretic hormones to trigger thirst like dogs and humans, cats have a weak thirst drive and are best kept hydrated by eating their water in the form of wet food which is 75% to 85% moisture.

Even a healthy cat on dry food alone will have a sub-clinical case of chronic dehydration. Dry-fed cats pee less than moist-fed cats, retaining toxins longer and encouraging urinary crystals to form.  And when a cat doesn’t feel well, he’ll act aloof or grumpy, and may even be prone to bite.  But switch to canned or raw food, and surprising personality changes can take place. Adequate moisture keeps the kidneys flushed, carries away wastes, prevents urinary blockages and helps your cat feel her best.   Even changing to half wet food brings positive results. Our customers report kitty transformations on a regular basis. A juicy cat is a happy cat!

Juicy food is the antidote to the feline hangover blues, and the new pourable Weruva 3oz pouches will send your cats into spasms of delight . Called “Cats in the Kitchen”, there are six all-natural, strictly human-grade, grain-free recipes containing beautiful chunks of chicken, duck and fish along with plentiful moisture from the silky gravy. No pre-formed mystery meat squares or gummy sauce to spoil your cat’s appreciation of the finer things in life. Weruva pouches, 1.29 ea. Buy 12 or more, get 5% off.

Because your cat sleeps 20 hours a day, give her a bed that enfolds her in comfort and security!

The award-winning Bowser Buttercup converts from a flat mat to a cozy nest by cinching up the hefty drawstring, and comes in soft berber fabrics or luxurious designer microvelvets that shed hair and dirt, wear like iron and get softer with every washing. You can special order any Buttercup fabric from our swatchbooks at no extra charge. Stop by one of our stores and see for yourself.

Small dogs adore these beds, too!

Make Every Day Earth Day

It’s amazing how well cats respond to this herbal remedy when there is a problem with peeing outside the box or a related issue. Tinkle Tonic contains couchgrass, echinacea, marshmallow, dandelion, and horsetail in an alcohol-free base of sweet-tasting vegetable glycerine. Simply squirt the recommended dose directly in the mouth daily 30 minutes before a meal with the dropper top. The tincture doesn't taste bad, and this method of dosing is less stressful than giving pills. Please read this blurb from
Dr. Lena Mccullough, our holistic vet friend in West Seattle:

Has your middle aged dog lost his bounce? He could be playing less because of painful joints, an early warning sign of arthritis. JOINTS PLUS is a functional treat that can help relieve arthritis symptoms, improve vitality and restore his playful spirit. It also boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and speeds healing and recovery. The active ingredient is deer antler velvet (10%), in a base of freeze-dried raw venison and venison heart.  There are no other ingredients or fillers. Simply give as a treat or include in food.  It works in harmony with other treatments and supplements. JOINTS PLUS 50g. for $19.99. A 20-day supply for a medium dog.

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