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Pet Gazette | January 2011 Vol. 1

Wishing You a Fear-Free 4th of July

While the 4th is a time for noisy celebration, it can produce fear and anxiety in many dogs and cats. If your fur friend trembles and hides when the fireworks start, here are some precautionary measures to insure everyone remains safe and injury-free.

Tips to keep your pet calm and safe:

  1. Leave your pets at home when there are fireworks. An interior room like a bathroom may be comforting if your pet is especially jumpy.
  2. Make sure your ID tags and microchip info are up to date. Shelters report that July 4th has a high incidence of lost animals. Tags should also list current medications.
  3. If you can exercise your dog beforehand, he will be calmer when you are gone. A tired dog will be less anxious.
  4. Try a Thundershirt for fearful dogs: This patent-pending stretchy garment applies gentle, constant pressure for a dramatic calming effect for most dogs. Recommended by vets and trainers alike, it comes with a 45-day guarantee.

Our favorite drug-free calming remedies:

Happy Traveler

Happy Traveler

Happy Traveler

Introducing: NATURE'S LOGIC Pet Foods.

dry • canned • raw • supplements

100% Natural Vitamins and Minerals

In nature, cats and dogs get everything they need from their whole prey diet. But after cooking and processing, even the best foods must be fortified to replace lost nutrients. Nature’s Logic is the first pet food to use NO laboratory-synthesized vitamins or minerals in order to meet AAFCO standards for dogs and cats. 100% natural substances like concentrated fruit and vegetable powders, fish oils, mineral-rich montmorillite clay and plasma proteins supply all the necessary nutrients in an easily digested form.

Nutrient Dense, High in Animal Proteins

All of Nature’s Logic food formulas are rich in proteins, antibiotic and hormone free, and available in chicken, beef, lamb, venison, duck, rabbit and sardine for maximum variety and rotation. All the dry diets contain millet, a highly digestible grain that is very low on the glycemic index. We like millet as a carbohydrate source because it is non-allergenic and contains far less available sugar than peas, potato, sweet potato, chickpeas or any of the other grain-free alternatives often included in pet foods. With increasing rates of diabetes in dogs and cats, reducing sugar is important.

Nature’s Logic Supplements

North Atlantic Sardine Oil has become our favorite essential fatty acid supplement because of its high DHA, EPA and Omega-3 content, its non-fishy smell and its lower environmental impact. The Food Fortifier contains the same 100% natural food-based vitamin, mineral and essential amino acid sources as the Nature’s Logic foods in a tasty base of human-grade spray-dried chicken, whey and chicken liver.  In addition it contains food enzymes, probiotics and concentrated proteins. Excellent for augmenting any dry, canned or raw diet including home-prepared diets.

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