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Thundershirt: New Canine Anxiety Cure

No Bad CatsWant to give your dog or cat the health benefits of a fresh, uncooked diet even though raw food isn't convenient for you or appealing to your pet?

Much of the goodness of raw can be found in Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Patties. Just one a day crumbled over canned or dry food or given as a treat can make a world of difference. And unlike raw food's mild scent, the freeze-dried aroma is so beguiling that even finicky fur kids will go wild for them.

Freezing-Drying Preserves Nutrients
Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried patties start out as a complete raw diet made from 95% meat, organs and bones and 5% organic veggies and fruits. Then they're flash frozen before the water is extracted to less than 4% moisture, a process that results in near-perfect preservation. Two indispensible things that give fresh food it's "liveness", naturally occurring enzymes and friendly microorganisms, remain active and viable. Also retained are the abundant vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, healthy fats and a wealth of antioxidants.

Whole Food-Sourced Nutrients Better Than A Vitamin Pill
Recent research has shown that vitamin supplements don't have the same health benefits as actual fresh food. Patties contain generous amounts of organ meats like heart, liver, spleen, gizzards and tripe, which are richer, more concentratedsources of goodness than muscle meats alone. They're considered super foods because they supply every nutrient a dog or cat needs to thrive.

Certified Safe and Pathogen-Free
Stella & Chewy's uses Hydrostatic High Pressure (HHP), a cold pasteurization technology that eliminates food pathogens without cooking out vital nutrients or changing the natural taste. It's based on the discovery that at deep sea levels bacteria cannot survive where other organisms do.

Nature is thrifty, she doesn't need much
Like we humans, dogs and cats don't need to eat a perfect diet all the time. Small quantities of the "right stuff" can determine whether your pet's immune system has the raw material it needs to stave off disease or ill health. The extra nutrition in the patties can tip the balance. Patties come in Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Duck, Duck Goose. They can also be fed as a sole diet or a convenient travel food. We like to rotate flavors to keep mealtime interesting!

Fireworks season is almost upon us, and we've got some great suggestions to help nervous nellies and ‘fraidy cats chill out when the pyrotechnics start.

Thundershirt: the calming coat

Our best anxiety reducer for dogs is the new Thundershirt, a stretchy pressure wrap coat that has a calming effect on a dog's nervous system. We have them in sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane (XXS to XXL). For best results, put it on a half hour before the fireworks start. Check out the instructional videos in our stores.

We carry two natural, drug-free remedies that relieve anxiety and nervousness without making your dog groggy. Rescue Remedy for Pets is an alcohol-free version of the famous five-flower Bach remedy for people. A few drops every half hour will keep your dog or cat mellow. Happy Traveler is a tablet containing valerian, chamomile, kava kava and St John's wort, the same herbs we might take to feel more serene.

Comfort Zone contains soothing pheromones specific to dogs or cats that have a gentling effect and are helpful in times of stress or fear. Both the dog and cat version (cat is also called Feliway) come as a spray or a diffuser. You may need more than one diffuser in a room, so it's best to start with the spray to see what your results will be like.

4th of July is one of the prime times for pets to bolt from home and become lost. Be sure you have an up-to-date ID tag with your cell phone number on all your dogs and cats, just in case -- it's the quickest way to insure you get a call no matter where you are at the time! Our custom-engraved ID tags are on sale through June 30th.

Have fun this holiday and be safe out there!

No Bad CatsCanine Dental Clinics
now at All The Best Pet Care

Are your dog’s teeth brown with plaque and tartar? Want to get them professionally cleaned, but don’t want to put your poor doggie under?

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is safer and less expensive than ordinary dental procedures, and is our preferred choice for our own dogs. We are happy to offer this service to you at three of our stores in the month of July. Cleanings will be provided by Scott Blanchard of Canine Dental Service, who has been taking care of dogs’ teeth for over twenty years. Scott holds the dog in his lap while talking to him in a soothing, reassuring manner. His technique is gentle, thorough and completely drug-free.

Your dog will first have a brief wellness exam by a Canine Dental Service veterinarian at the store, and if more extensive oral care is needed than just routine cleaning, such as extractions or antibiotics, you will be referred to your own vet. The cleaning itself takes about 20 minutes. Only hand-friendly dogs who aren’t aggressive or overly fearful are good candidates for this service.

Cost, including exam, is $150. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required when the reservation is placed. The balance of $130 may be paid directly to Canine Dental Service by cash or check only. If you come to your appointment but are referred elsewhere, the deposit can be used as a store credit. Please contact the hosting store for more information or to make a reservation.

Is your cat engaging in behaviors you'd like to extinguish—scratching, marking or not using the litter box? Are there issues around food or other cats in your household?

Let Nancy take you inside the cat mind to understand why felines act as they do, how to redirect their behavior, and what products and other tools can be of use. This seminar will shed needed light on what the world looks like to your cat!This popular seminar fills up quickly!

Please reserve your place soon – in person, by phone, or by email at: or (425) 369.8383 or (206) 232.4377

*10% off purchases after the seminar*


Day of grooming demos and tips! Event will take place between 11:00am - 4:00pm and the Lake City ATB. We will be offering free nail trimmings on a first come first serve basis on pets that have a temperament that will allow service from 12 - 4pm. We will also be conducting demos on FURMINATOR products and answering your general grooming questions.

$5.99 ID tags

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