Thundershirt: New Canine Anxiety Cure
No Bad Cats

Who would have guessed that an inexpensive pressure-wrap shirt could give your dog a hug that would calm his fears of loud noises, strangers and other anxiety-producing stuff? Anxiety plays a major role in the behaviors that cause dogs to end up in shelters, such as problem barking, fear-biting, and aggression. Other unwanted behaviors include repetitive spinning, tail-chasing, and cowering from thunder or fireworks.

Professional trainers have been talking about the Thundershirt, and we were
intrigued enough to give it a try. Three staff members tried one out on their own dogs. Lucy, a pit bull mix who is a constant tail chaser, halted her chasing long enough to focus on her proud papa. Jordie, the Miniature Aussie who hates riding in the car, ceased his agitated panting and enjoyed the ride, curling up in his car seat. Ruthie, a cockapoo who suffers from separation anxiety, handled the separation with no whimpers when her mom put her Thundershirt on a half hour before she left the house. According to the company, 85% of dogs get significant relief from symptoms, and our unscientific trial seemed to bear that out.

How It Works
Pressure is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Swaddled infants are comforted by their snug blankets, and hugs are used to calm children with autism. The same principle works for dogs. Thundershirt’s patent-pending design applies gentle constant pressure on a dog’s torso to calm and soothe ruffled nerves. It has proven successful in the following situations:

  • Fireworks and loud noises
  • Tail chasing and repetitive behaviors
  • Nail trims and vet visits
  • Problem barking
  • Fear biting and leash aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Travel anxiety

To see a before and after video, please go to:

Until now, Green Tea Leaves has enjoyed a small but devoted following of All The Best customers and staff because of how well it eliminates odor and how long one small bag can last. Now that we’ve lowered the price to $14.99 for a 10-liter bag (6 lbs.) and discovered how to make it last still longer, it’s even friendlier to the planet and your pocket.

Green Tea Leaves clumps are smaller and lighter than clay, wheat, pine or corn litter. Catechin (ka-te-kin), the antioxidant in green tea and a natural sterilizing agent, gives this litter its anti-bacterial and odor-killing properties. And a mere 6 lb. bag lasts up to eight weeks for one cat when you use the special wide-slotted scoop that allows the clean granules to shake off back into the box, extending the life of the litter.

Green Tea Leaves has only two ingredients - clean sawdust reclaimed from musical instrument or furniture making and green tea scraps. It’s biodegradable, dust-free, low tracking, and the clumps can be safely flushed down the toilet. It doesn’t contain any material from food crops that could serve the higher purpose of feeding people or livestock. Your cat will like it because it’s gentle on her paws and makes her box smell nice!

A tag with your name and an up-to-date phone number could make the difference between a quick, happy reunion and a frantic search of all the shelters and veterinary hospitals in town. Even conscientious pet parents can have an unexpected event—a car accident where your dog is suddenly loose in the street or a door left open while you’re not at home. Microchips are helpful identifiers, but can only be scanned if your pet is first taken to animal control or a vet office. With a tag, the first person to find your pet will call you directly!

Summer travel is an especially important time for proper ID tags. If you leave your furry ones at home with a pet sitter, consider making extra tags with her number on it. Tags also make great gifts for friends and family. And it just might be the wisest $7.99 you ever spent!

Keep your pets safe this summer!!

$5.99 ID tags
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