The Amazing Furminator
The Amazing FURminator
"It took out a mountain of hair - I couldn't believe it"

"Removes loose hair before it ends up on your rug"

Shedding is one of the bigger challenges of having a four-legged family member. A good diet with ample high-quality meat proteins and an essential fatty acid supplement like salmon oil or blended oils can really improve excessive shedding caused by a protein or fat deficiency. But a certain amount of shedding is natural and unavoidable. It's the way the body renews the coat and prepares for a new season.

Longer Daylight Triggers Shedding Season
When the days get longer in spring, the follicles of both dogs and cats begin releasing hairs in greater numbers. This cycle continues through the summer, influenced by many factors including temperature and genetics. Indoor cats, however, may shed year round because they're not exposed to outdoor conditions. And because they groom themselves, the increased hair ends up as hairballs.

Pre-emptive Grooming For A Life Less Hairy
With two large, heavy-coated dogs and four cats (three long-haired), I've tried every tool to remove dead hair. But no other device can even begin to compare to the Furminator. It's stainless steel deshedding edge is truly unique in grabbing the loose undercoat without damaging the topcoat. We keep our dogs' Furminator with the leashes because our favorite place to furminate them is in the park- no hair to throw away, and the birds can build their nests with it. Our cats get furminated when they sit in our laps during TV. Initially we had to be careful not to pull too hard, but now everyone enjoys the ritual.

Will It Change Your Life?
So many people have told us that the Furminator has changed their lives - less hair, less vacuuming, no hairballs! No lint-rolling the hair off your sweater each time you leave the house! Imagine what you could do with all that free time.

Double-Edged Furminator

Grain-free kibble is the hottest health trend in the world of high quality pet food. With so many new grain-frees on the market, and established brands bringing out grain-free versions, two questions need answering…what are the makers trying to accomplish, and are grains really bad for dogs and cats?

Grain-Free—More Meat, Fewer Carbs
When the first grain-free foods appeared five years ago, they were designed to be closer to the natural diet and more biologically appropriate—more meat, higher protein and fat, and fewer carbs. In place of the usual grains, they had a smaller amount of starchy vegetables: potato, sweet potato, tapioca, peas, jicama or some combination.

Empty Filler Calories From Grain
Carnivores aren't equipped to digest more than small amounts of carbohydrates, and unhealthy levels can lead to weight gain, unstable blood sugar, inflammation and a host of chronic diseases. Many conventional pet foods contain 50% or more refined starches, mainly from corn, wheat and soy. These grains are utilized because they're cheap and the vegetable protein inflates the protein levels.

Calculating the Carbohydrate Content
It's hard to know exactly how much carbohydrate a pet food contains because the guaranteed analysis on the label is only required to list the percentage of protein, fat, fiber and moisture. (Aside to AAFCO - please require total carbohydrate labeling on our pet foods!) But you can get an approximate count by adding the percentages for those four items plus another 8% for minerals (ash) and subtracting the sum from 100. What's left is carbohydrate.

Example: Instinct Chicken dog food contains 42% protein, 22% fat, 10% moisture and 3% fiber. The sum is 77%, add in 8% ash, total is 85%. Therefore, carbohydrate is approximately 15%. A lower protein and fat food is California Natural Lamb & Rice. 21% protein, 11% fat, 2% fiber and 10% moisture. Sum is 46. Add 8, total is 54. Therefore, carbohydrates = 48%.

Are All Grains Allergens?
Wheat, corn and soy are high protein grains known as common allergens for dogs and sometimes cats, contributing to itchiness, hot spots, hair loss, colitis and bowel disorders. Not all animals are sensitive to them though. Other low-protein grains such as rice and millet have far less incidence of sensitivity. And some grains, like barley and oats seem to have health-giving properties, making them more desirable than potato or tapioca. At the end of the day, it's the quantity of carbohydrate in a food that's most important, and whether grains are standing in for protein instead of meat. There's nothing magic about a large quantity of potatoes. Make sure your pet food is giving you what you want.

Nature's Instinct Dog Biscuits
"My dog turns his nose up at other dog biscuits, but he adores these!"

Satisfy your dog's instinctive meat cravings! Each delicious, oven-baked
biscuit contains 25% protein from duck, chicken, lamb or rabbit, and is made
with pure and wholesome ingredients.

Four great flavors for rotation and variety:

  • Duck, Sweet Potatoes & Cinnamon
  • Chicken, Cranberries & Garlic
  • Rabbit, Apples & Ginger
  • Lamb, Carrots & Mint

Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia

Dental CleaningCanine Dental Clinics
now at All The Best Pet Care

Are your dog’s teeth brown with plaque and tartar? Want to get them professionally cleaned, but don’t want to put your poor doggie under?

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is safer and less expensive than ordinary dental procedures, and is our preferred choice for our own dogs. We are happy to offer this service to you at three of our stores in the month of July. Cleanings will be provided by Scott Blanchard of Canine Dental Service, who has been taking care of dogs’ teeth for over twenty years. Scott holds the dog in his lap while talking to him in a soothing, reassuring manner. His technique is gentle, thorough and completely drug-free.

Your dog will first have a brief wellness exam by a Canine Dental Service veterinarian at the store, and if more extensive oral care is needed than just routine cleaning, such as extractions or antibiotics, you will be referred to your own vet. The cleaning itself takes about 20 minutes. Only hand-friendly dogs who aren’t aggressive or overly fearful are good candidates for this service.

Cost, including exam, is $150. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required when the reservation is placed. The balance of $130 may be paid directly to Canine Dental Service by cash or check only. If you come to your appointment but are referred elsewhere, the deposit can be used as a store credit. Please contact the hosting store for more information or to make a reservation.


Dental Cleaning Times and Locations

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