If you’d like to add variety and high quality protein to your cat’s diet but have a fussy feline, give FELINE NATURAL a try. Highly palatable and made from 100% human grade raw meat, bone, blood and organ meats from grass-fed, free range New Zealand livestock, it’s the convenient way to provide your cat with an ultra-low carb, nutritionally balanced raw food diet. When you feed Feline Natural, your cat will get everything nature knows it needs to maintain a healthy weight.
Chicken and Lamb or Chicken & Venison reg. $10.99-31.99
K9 NATURAL is a revolutionary New Zealand-made raw food that’s made with 85% real meat, bone and blood, plus 15% fresh fruit and vegetables, whole eggs, garlic and cod liver oil. This ultra-low carb, complete prey model diet provides your dog with everything nature knows it needs and nothing it doesn’t, promoting a healthy weight. All ingredients are human grade, and meats are grass-fed, free range. K9 Natural is ideal for all breeds, ages and sizes.
Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Venison reg. $29.99-99.99