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Pet Gazette | September 2011 Vol. 2Think LocalThe Magic of Enzymes

One thing that dogs, cats and humans have in common is the need for pure, healthy food to power our bodies and immune defenses. But what we often get instead are manufactured food-like substances enriched with synthetic vitamin-mineral blends. The emerging consensus on vitamins added to processed foods is that they don’t have the same health benefits or disease protection that real food has.

You can get the benefits of raw food while feeding a dry or canned diet by adding a few scoops of Instinct RAW Boost, a new freeze-dried raw food supplement. You can also reap the benefits with our new treat, Instinct Raw Boost Bites. Both come in four varieties - Chicken, Beef, Lamb or Venison - and are identical in formula to Instinct’s freeze-dried raw diets, containing 95% raw meat, bones and organs and 5% raw seeds, fruits and vegetables. Bon appetit!

RAD CAT Raw Diet

Thank you to all our Healthy Rewards Members

Our “Healthy Rewards” loyalty program is only two years old and has already garnered 24,000+ members who’ve collectively received over $260,000 in rebates at the cash register! We appreciate your patronage and support. To find out more about membership, click here.

NATURAL BALANCE Joins Healthy Rewards

Food sensitivities are a growing problem in dogs and cats, causing skin disorders, digestive upset and chronic diarrhea. Trigger foods are often familiar proteins like chicken and beef and commonplace grains such as corn, wheat or soy and sometimes even rice. Natural Balance has created a line of grain-free, limited ingredient diets (L.I.D.) in both canned and dry formulas. Dog foods come in Sweet Potato & Venison, Sweet Potato & Fish, Potato & Duck, and new Sweet Potato & Bison – with matching limited ingredient treats. Cat food formulas include Green Pea & Duck, Green Pea & Chicken, and Green Pea & Salmon. All Natural Balance food and treats will now earn Healthy Rewards points. For a complete list of Healthy Reward brands, please click here.

Despite the relief of symptoms that switching to an L.I.D. food can bring, holistic practitioners caution against feeding as a sole diet for more than a few months at a time because the protein is very low and there is little ingredient variety to keep trace nutrients topped up. After stabilizing an animal’s problems, a good way to add variety and highly digestible protein is to begin mixing in some canned, raw, freeze-dried or fresh foods one at a time to see if there is a reaction.

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