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Evanger'sFounded 75 years ago, Evangerís
is the oldest natural pet food company in the country with their own kosher and organic-certified canning facility outside of Chicago. Itís a small, family-owned operation whose products have always contained real ingredients without artifice or fillers. When the pet food recall of 2007 hit, Evangerís sales tripled overnight as frantic pet owners searched for untainted foods not made by giant conglomerates that sourced cheaper ingredients from China. Holly and Joel Sher, Evangerís owners, have recently expanded their product line to include natural jerkies, freeze-dried treats and some innovative dry foods.

Itís About The Ingredients
From hand-packed cans resembling grandmaís home cooking (Hunk Of Beef) to the new dry formulas, Evangerís features unique ingredients at great price points.≠ Fresh pheasant is a novel meat that you'll find in Pheasant & Brown Rice dry dog food, 100% Pheasant canned food, and their ďNothing But NaturalĒ Pheasant Jerky Treat. Whitefish & Sweet Potato dry food and canned Duck & Sweet Potato are helpful for dogs with skin problems. Whole ďbone-inĒ cans like Whole Chicken Thighs, Chicken Drummet Dinner, and Whole Mackerel contain softened bones that can be safely eaten and assimilated by both dogs and cats. We carry dozens of Evangerís items, including organic chicken and organic turkey cans and freeze-dried beef liver, beef tripe and salmon treats. Stop by for a sample or a taste!

Our Dental Clinics were so successful, we're having them at every single store!

Are your dogís teeth brown with plaque? Does he have stinky breath? Get them professionally cleaned without putting him under!

We had so many happy customers and such good feedback about the wonderful service from Canine Dental Services that we’ve invited them back for August, and will host them in our stores every month. For a complete list of dental appointments for 2010,
please click here.

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is our preferred choice for our own dogs. Cleanings are done by Scott Blanchard, using hand tools only. He holds the dog in his lap while talking to him in a soothing, reassuring manner. His technique is gentle, thorough and completely drug-free. The cleaning itself takes about 20 minutes. Only hand-

friendly dogs who aren’t aggressive or overly fearful are good candidates for this service.

Only routine cleanings can be performed. Your dog will first have a brief wellness exam by Dr. Leka, the veterinarian who works with Scott, and if more extensive oral care is needed such as extractions or treatment for gum disease, you will be referred to your vet.

Cost, including exam, is $150. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required when the reservation is placed. The balance of $130 should be paid directly to Canine Dental Service by cash or check. If you come to your appointment but are referred elsewhere, your deposit may be used as a store credit or gift card. Please contact the hosting store to make a reservation.

Antlers are an amazing feat of nature. Naturally shed each winter after mating season, they can re-grow up to an inch a day, requiring large amounts of protein and minerals. Antlers are the fastest growing bones in the animal kingdom.

We are pleased to offer the finest ethically-gathered moose, elk and deer antlers from the northern forests of the U.S. and Canada. They are all natural, without any additives or processing other than cleaning. Individual pieces can be purchased in bulk by weight, allowing you to select just the right size chew for your dog. We even have split elk antlers that have been cut the long way to expose more of the tasty marrow.

As dog chews, antlers are exceptionally long-lasting, odor-free and non-messy. They donít splinter, and are a good source of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals. We especially recommend them for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to other types of bones. And being fat free, theyíre good for dogs that need to limit fat intake. If the flavor fades, you can refresh them in chicken broth or another flavoring agent.

Featured Events

August 24th, Tuesday
Ice Cream Social

All The Best Pet Care - Ballard will be hosting an "ICE CREAM SOCIAL" with free treats for dogs on Tuesday August 24th 4:00 -6pm. The ice cream Sweet Spots by "Natures Variety' are all natural, frozen treats for dogs. They are guilt-free and healthy - 98% lactose free, fortified with whey protein, and enriched with live active yogurt cultures. Help your pup beat the heat and come by for a sweet treat!
4:00pm-6:00pm, Ballard Store

August 31st, Tuesday
Jay Dotson Photography

Local Ballard photographer Jay Dotson will be set up for pet photos at All The Best Pet Care on Market Street on August 31st from 4-7pm. Jay will be printing out the photographs at the store and has several options for you to choose from. His classic 2” x 2” photomagnet is $10, his 4” x 6” print runs $10, and this year he is adding a 3 1/2” round photomagnet (button, coaster, or compact mirror) for $15. If you would like the digital file for printing yourself, that runs $50. All printed images from the day will be watermarked and placed on Facebook.
4:00pm-7:00pm, Ballard Store

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