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Pet Gazette | January 2011 Vol. 1

If your canine baby has a selective palate and you’ve tried everything else, check out K9 Natural, the freeze-dried raw food from New Zealand. Made from 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free lamb or beef (including heart, liver, tripe, bones and blood) with small amounts of vegetables, fruits, eggs and garlic, K9 Natural is a complete prey-model diet suitable for all breeds and sizes. It can be fed dry or rehydrated (especially good for little dogs) and requires no refrigeration.

When we rank foods according to nutritional excellence, raw foods top the list, followed by minimally processed freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. But good quality canned food has advantages, too, and not just for cats, for whom high moisture diets are crucial for kidney health.  Compared to kibble, canned food is almost always higher in meat and lower in carbs, and is often grain-free, although small amounts of grains aren’t harmful. Canned food is recommended for puppies, seniors and recovering dogs because it doesn’t pull fluids from other bodily functions.

Higher Moisture and Meat

As carnivores, dogs and cats need proteins and fats from meat (not plants), and high moisture keeps their systems hydrated and happy.  Small dogs often have the same dehydration issues as cats, needing moisture to help flush excess minerals out of the kidneys and make digestion easier on their systems. As a weight loss strategy, moist meaty food delivers fewer obesity-causing carbs and gives a greater sense of fullness. And because dogs have evolved to seek a wide variety of tastes and textures in order to get all their necessary nutrients, rotating protein sources with a variety of canned food helps keep them interested and stimulated at meal time.

First off, our disclaimer: We have loved Evangers from the very first day because of the great feeling we got opening a can (it was the Chicken Thighs). It looked and smelled so appetizing! What animal could refuse a nice dish of whole chicken, a miniature pot roast or a whole mackerel swimming in gravy? Pressure cooking makes the bones soft enough to eat and an excellent source of minerals. Cats can dine on smaller whole mackerel and beef tips in gravy.

Local and Sometimes Organic

When Holly and Joel Sher bought the Evanger’s plant in 2002, they were committed to continuing a 70-year tradition of making the very best pet food from domestically-sourced human-grade ingredients without fillers, by-products or pre-formed mystery meat squares common in lesser brands. Evanger’s produces beautiful organic chicken and turkey pates, a chunky wild salmon and a wildly popular pheasant pate for cats. They like to experiment, and are adding new recipes all the time.

For Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Dogs who can’t digest common meats are often helped by Evanger’s Duck & Sweet Potato, our best-selling can with a very nice price point. Or try one of the 100% game meats – Rabbit, Duck, Buffalo, and their newest, Pork. By mixing one of those with their new 100% Sweet Potato cans (half and half for dogs, mostly meat for cats) you’ll create a perfect eliminaton meal to see if your fur kid reacts to that ingredient. This is a great way to stabilize sensitive animals and gradually add new protein sources and other ingredients back into the diet. Another tip: sweet potato, added to regular food, is a home remedy for excessive gas!

Dry Foods for Dogs & Cats

Evanger’s dry foods are also simple and easy to digest – Pheasant & Brown Rice and Whitefish & Sweet Potato for dogs, and Pheasant & Whitefish for cats. We are having our once-a-year “Stock-Up Sale” with all dry foods at 10% off and canned foods at 20% off, now through Labor Day, September 5th. Happy Holiday!

Made locally by Gloria and Peter Krebs (with occasional help from their two middle-schoolers when their homework is done) in the family garage on Mercer Island, Krebs leashes are beautiful, durable, and environmentally conscious. Using retired climbing ropes from local climbing gyms, the Krebs family “upcycles” them – using them in their original form for a higher environmental purpose, in this case replacing other non-renewable dog leash material. As a climber himself, Peter enjoys re-purposing the cleaned and inspected ropes for the benefit of dog and human alike.

With these leashes, your dog will be proud to be seen with you! We adore the way they feel in the hand and their eye-catching array of patterns and colors that never seem to repeat themselves. Available in 6-ft and 4-ft regular leads and 2-ft or 1-ft control leads. Regularly $13.99 - $19.99.  $2 off any Krebs leash through September 5th.

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