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Pet Gazette | March 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet CareHonest Food from The Honest Kitchen

Lucy - Owner of The Honest Kitchen

Human Food, Made for Pets

Growing up with animals in her native England, Lucy Postins was accustomed to feeding them healthy food from the family table. So it wasn’t surprising that years later when two Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies came into her life, she skipped the commercial kibble altogether and made their food from scratch using the same real stuff the rest of her family ate. The results were spectacular and the dogs loved it, enough to convince Lucy and husband Charlie to start their own family business, The Honest Kitchen, in 2001. At first they mixed up the food in their tiny beachside cottage, but as demand grew they moved their labor of love to an FDA-inspected human kitchen making health food products like breakfast cereals and baking mixes.

Dehydration, Ancient Means of Preserving Food

The “middle way” between over processed conventional food and a complete raw diet.For thousands of years humans have used dehydration to lock nutrients into food and prevent spoilage.
The Honest Kitchen is known for sourcing the best ingredients (none from China!) and not cutting
corners. Formulas are single source proteins with a variety of vegetables, fruits, greens and seeds. Dehydration takes place below 104F, preserving the levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The meats, poultry, eggs and fish are first steam-heated to 165F to kill any pathogens. Potatoes and grains are steamed or rolled before dehydration to break down cellulose and increase digestibility. The result is a food that is compact, lightweight and truly honest, without any funky digests or “natural flavorings” to make them more appealing. To serve, simply rehydrate with warm water and feed as a complete meal or a topper. The water you add is an important and much overlooked nutrient. Moisture is vital for all the body’s systems, especially the urinary tract and kidneys.

What Can The Honest Kitchen Do for Your Furkid?

All formulas are complete and designed to be rotated with the others , but some are especially good for different health conditions. Zeal’s fish formula works miracles for all kinds of allergies and food sensitivities, and can also help avoid pancreatic flare-ups because of its low fat content. Puppies benefit from the higher fat in Embark, Thrive and Love. Because tumors feed on carbohydrates, the low carb levels in Zeal and Embark can help support cancer recovery. Keen, with cage-free turkey and oats, an easily digested grain, is our most popular and cost effective formula. Force is our most popular grain-free, with free-range chicken, veggies and fruit.

Honest Kitchen has been on our shelves for more than three years, and its popularity attests to its convenience, taste appeal, problem-solving ability and all-around excellence. Dog formulas come in 10lb and 4lb boxes. Cat formulas in 2lb. boxes.

SALE! How Mushrooms can Save The World

MushroomsCould mushrooms be the life forms that save the planet?

Northwest visionary and pioneering mycologist Paul Stamets thinks so. Based in Olympia, he has teamed up with public and private research organizations to demonstrate the use of mycelia (the underground web-like threads that produce the caps or fruiting bodies of mushrooms) for decontaminating toxic waste spills, filtering E. coli and other dangerous pathogens from water sources, controlling erosion, building new soil, and managing insects without using chemical pesticides. The potential for healing the planet is huge!

Another huge talent of mushrooms and their mycelia is creating antibodies to the same viruses, bacteria and parasites that plague humans. Taking mushroom supplements can optimize our immune systems to respond to a wide range of acute and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and liver problems, blood sugar disorders, cancer, and obesity. They are especially adept at calming an overactive immune response, the underlying cause of allergies and auto-immune disorders. Cancer research has shown that mushroom extracts increase the number of natural killer cells and helper T-cells the body produces to suppress cancer growth. Worldwide, mushrooms are the number one therapy used in cancer recovery. We may just have an entire myco-pharmacy available to us within the many species of the fungi kingdom.

Bixbi Treats Sale $7.99

Organic Pet Superfood Mushroom Formulas

Our four powdered supplements activate your animal’s immune system to help the body stay healthy. These blends of different medicinal mushrooms have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Completely safe for daily use as a preventative or to improve specific problems.

Joints—with natural eggshell membrane, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid to combat joint pain, arthritis, soft-tissue irritation and inflammation. Good for recovering canine athletes and older animals. Best when used with Immunity.

Skin + Coat—addresses damage at the cellular level, with natural immune modulators to balance overactive antibody responses — the cause of itchy skin, rashes and excessive shedding in pets with allergies. Best when used with Immunity.

Digestion—improves digestive efficiency and balance while combating gas, loose stools and bad breath. Prebiotics, dietary fiber and enzymes naturally present in mushroom blend.

Immunity—potent antioxidants prevent damage caused by stress, infection, pollution and aging. The polysaccharides from mushrooms boost natural killer cell and helper T-cell activity, and work to balance the immune system. Many vets recommend Immunity during treatment and recovery from cancer, and as an adjunct with other cancer therapy.

$4 off any formula
K9 Natural

Our recent arrivals from New Zealand are here! We will be sampling these all month long so please ask for some when you stop by one of our stores.

Freeze-dried 100% grass-fed Green Lamb Tripe nuggets have natural probiotics and are a terrific treat for your pooch. Use them for training, with interactive toys or just for fun. Tripe is beneficial as a digestive aid, and naturally pastured grass-fed lamb from New Zealand is particularly nutritious, with lots of enzymes, vitamins and predigested grasses.

Have you ever played “hunt” with your cat, hiding a high value treat under a dixie cup or in a paper bag? They love to stalk their prey! Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast is actually a complete freeze-dried food for your cat when rehydrated, but it functions beautifully as a treat dry out of the bag. Containing only chicken, lamb organ meat (heart, liver and kidney) and green-lipped mussel, it is a species appropriate food. Try crumbling it over regular food as a topper. This could be your cat’s gateway food into better nutrition!

Featured Treats from K9 Natural
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