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Pour a Little Love

In biblical times, milk and honey were healing foods. Today, raw goat’s milk, often called Nature’s most complete food, can improve nutrition and relieve many disorders. ANSWERS Raw Goat’s Milk for Cats and Dogs with added cultures, raw honey and organic cinnamon is great for pouring over kibble or adding to any type of food. It’s especially recommended for sensitive stomachs, and can be a substitute milk replacer for kittens and puppies. The live cultures help build up friendly bacteria in the gut that protect against the bad ones.

ANSWERS milk comes from healthy, Amish-raised goats that graze on grass, resulting in high levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid associated with shrinking tumors. The active enzymes in the raw milk allows it to be absorbed completely within 20 minutes, requiring zero work by the animal’s digestive system. It can also be used as an elimination diet for allergies and digestive problems such as irritable bowel. Best of all, dogs and cats are enamored by the taste!

  • Raw foods from “certified humane” chicken, pork and beef
  • Beef is grass-fed, no confinement of animals
  • No HPP, protected from pathogens with kombucha
  • No synthetic vitamins, only whole food sources
  • Choice of patties, sausages or milk carton
  • No hormones or antibiotics, ever!
  • “Green” packaging

ANSWERS pet foodANSWERS Pet Food has a simple philosophy – that Mother Nature is the best authority on pet nutrition. Started by two sisters, Jacqueline Hill, a former vet tech who worked for Nature’s Variety pet foods, and Roxanne Stone, a food scientist specializing in meat and dairy production, it has set a new standard for quality and environmental stewardship.

All three formulas, chicken, pork and beef, are nutritionally dense, comprised of 90% meat, organs and ground bone, with 10% whole food ingredients including pasture-raised eggs and a different array of vegetables in each variety. Also included are sardine and anchovy oils from wild-caught sustainable fish and fermented decaffeinated green tea extract, the source of kombucha. Fermentation is the oldest method of preserving food, and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

This food has several wow factors – we are excited that pork has come of age because dogs love it and it’s used so rarely in pet foods that it practically qualifies as a novel protein. Kombucha bestows many healing properties, even anti-cancer effects. And the sausage shape with casings imported from Denmark (not China) is innovative because those dogs who don’t like raw food can eat it like a frozen treat. We hope you try ANSWERS and are as thrilled with it as we are!

Make Every Day Earth Day
The Best Dog Ball on Earth

It’s become increasingly difficult to find toys that are made in the USA, but Planet Dog balls and toys are a happy exception. Planet Dog still produces their balls in Portland, Maine from their signature nontoxic compound. Rated “world’s best dog ball” by countless happy dog-lovers, the colorful earth-shaped globes are durable, pliable, buoyant, bouncy and 100% recyclable. And knowing dogs love to smell, the Planet Dog folks added the most delicious minty scent imaginable!

Another reason to treat your dog to one of these beautiful balls is that the company gives back 2% of their sales to various dog-related causes. For more information, go to

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