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Pet Gazette | September 2011 Vol. 2The Magic of Enzymes

The Wonders of Fiber

Fiber might just be one of the most amazing and overlooked nutrients in your pet’s diet. Once thought to play only a passive role in dog and cat health, it is now considered an important factor in blood sugar regulation, intestinal function, weight control and immune system strength. Fiber comes from the cell walls of plants, never from meat. There are varying amounts in all fruits, vegetables, grasses and grains, and that could be why carnivores instinctively seek out certain plants and grasses, especially if they are sick.

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

There are two kinds, soluble fiber (also known as viscous), which dissolves in water forming a porridge-like consistency, and insoluble fiber (also known as fermentable) which does not dissolve in water or get digested in the stomach or small intestine, but survives intact to reach the colon where friendly gut bacteria feed on them via fermentation to sustain themselves and produce healing short-chain fatty acids, certain vitamins and other substances needed by the body. All mammals have a colony of gut bacteria forming a large part of their immune defenses, and the health of that colony is influenced by the fibers they feed on.

Blood Sugar and Weight Control

Soluble fiber slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, helping to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes caused by heavily processed carb-laden foods. Oats are high in soluble fiber, and may have a role to play in preventing and controlling diabetes. Oat based food may tip the balance for some diabetic animals. Both kinds of fiber help trigger a sense of fullness and satisfaction, reducing the urge to overeat.

Better Stools and an End to “Scooting”

Some of the most striking results occur in the area of stool normalization. Fiber can correct both constipation and diarrhea, absorbing and holding water and bulk in the colon. Bulkier stools, in turn, press against the anal sacs, expressing them and preventing impacted anal glands, a common and painful experience for many small dogs. Debilitating intestinal conditions like colitis can clear up when the intestinal lining is soothed and allowed to heal by the short-chain fatty acids released by fiber’s fermentation.

The easiest way to add good fiber is with fresh or canned pumpkin or sweet potato, mixed in with food or served on the side. We carry several brands. Additionally, we have sweet potato chews and coconut chips that are excellent fiber sources. Increase amounts gradually to see how your pet’s system is adapting – too much too soon can lead to runny stools and large volumes. Consult one of our Pet Care
Specialists for more information.

RAD CAT Raw Diet

Homemade Food That’s Fun to Feed

Since 1985, Sojo’s has been making real food for dogs, using simple pure unprocessed ingredients you’d find in your grandmother’s kitchen. Back then they had one pre-mix, now called Sojo’s Original, made from rolled oats, barley, rye, herbs, nuts and kelp. Add water and soak (at least 30 min. but preferably overnight), before adding your choice of raw or cooked meat, or another healthy protein to make a complete meal. This formula is especially good for active dogs needing carbs in the diet to maintain weight, and is affordable for large dog and multiple dog households. The fiber from oats and barley is an excellent blood sugar regulator, stool normalizer, and promoter of weight loss by helping overeaters feel more satisfied.

Sojo’s Grain-Free, veggie/fruit based "just-add-meat" formula, contains sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, flax meal, herbs and whole eggs. When mixed with meat and water, 1 lb. of Grain-Free pre-mix makes approximately 7 lbs. of fresh, raw dog food. Fiber from sweet potatoes and other produce improves digestive tract health, helps cleanse toxins from the system, feeds the beneficial flora in your dog’s gut, and improves immune system function. It’s fine to combine either pre-mix with a complete raw meat diet such as Primal or Nature’s Variety.

Most convenient are Sojo’s Complete Turkey and Complete Beef formulas, which have USDA freeze-dried raw meat in the bag, along with veggies, fruits, nuts and herbs to provide all the nutrients your dog requires. Simply add water, let soak and serve. Many happy Sojo’s devotees make a big batch to scoop out at meal time. It keeps nicely for several days in the fridge.

*Most economical Sojo’s mixture – Original Formula + ROAR Ground Turkey Necks

*Most healing Sojo’s mixture – Grain-Free Formula + Answers Goat Milk


Great Life Performance Pet Producs

Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.

This is what goes through my husband’s mind when he’s serving our four cats three times a day – breakfast, dinner and midnight snack. Pleasing them isn’t easy, especially Catticus, our slightly cranky 12-year-old Head Cat, but Weruva is one food that always makes his day! It sets the standard for luxury and quality – whole chunks of human-grade meats, poultry and fish (no re-formed meat squares) in a delicate gravy or soup. Pouring out a can or pouch is an aesthetic experience. Weruva always looks and smells delicious!

Juicy Pouches with that Wow! Factor

Our new household favorites are the six “Cats in the Kitchen” 3oz pouches. They have even higher moisture than the cans for excellent kitty hydration, and are especially good for finicky felines and transitioning to canned or raw. Catticus’s favorites are the pumpkin flavors, Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken, made with skinless boneless chicken breast, and Pumpkin Jack Splash, with skipjack tuna, a smaller and thus safer tuna due to lower mercury levels than human albacore tuna. In fact, Weruva uses many smaller, less well known species for greater safety and better sustainability, like line-caught barramundi, trevally, big red eye – and cats love them!

Stock Up Sale - Don’t Miss It

All Weruva cans and pouches are high in meat and moisture, low in fat, grainless and BPA-free. We carry 16 cat and six dog recipes, among them Steak Frites (beef with pumpkin and sweet potatoes), Pekin Ducken (duck, chicken and pumpkin) and Funky Chunky Chicken Soup (chicken breast and pumpkin). Check out some new flavors and make your fur children very happy!


New Product Spotlight: Purr & Simple

Roll Over, Rover

Shake a paw for these fun-sized treats any dog would do tricks for! Each bag has hundreds of tiny high value morsels to rivet your dog’s attention. Made from the highest quality meat, poultry, and cheddar cheese with absolutely no fillers or additives, all treats are freeze-dried and non-greasy in your pocket. They fit nicely in our new PICKLE POCKET, and other treat-dispensing interactive toys.

Buffalo Bites – 100% grass-fed buffalo heart, low in fat and a rich source of nutrients.

Turkey Bites – 100% turkey thigh meat, great for dogs with food sensitivities.

All-Beef Hot Dogs –all-natural nitrate-free hot dogs are a trainer’s secret weapon, guaranteed to hold your dog’s interest.

Trail Mix – an exciting variety of Buffalo Bites, Turkey Bites, Hot Dogs and Cheddar Cheese, to keep Fido from getting bored.

Dry Roasted Duck’s Feet not a training treat, but we love these crunchy little chews so much we had to let you know! Allergic dogs love ‘em too! In our Bulk Treat section.

Purr and Simple SALE

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