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Pet Gazette | March 2012 Vol. 1Cancer and Natural HealingPreventing Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Simply stated, cancer is abnormal cell growth that goes unchecked. The immune system has the job of finding and destroying these abnormal cells before they form tumors, and a healthy immune system is one of the keys to prevention. A link between a healthy diet and cancer prevention has been demonstrated many times in human medicine, and is undoubtedly true of our dogs and cats, too. While there are many underlying causes and numerous factors in cancer prevention, here are just a few suggestions that might reduce your fur kid’s chances of getting this disease, or help improve the prognosis if cancer strikes.

  1. Choose supplements from whole food sources, not synthetic vitamins. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, beta carotene, lycopene, zinc and selenium can help protect the body from damage by toxic substances that can lead to cancer. In nature, these antioxidants are abundant in fresh raw fruits, vegetables and animal tissues. Their chemically synthesized counterparts , however, made from petroleum, coal tar and industrially-processed corn syrup, have actually been implicated in creating more cancers, according to recent reports from the National Institute of Cancer. So look for pet foods and supplements that don’t contain synthetic vitamin and minerals. Or better still, feed more whole, unprocessed foods.

  2. Lower the carb count in your pet’s food (fewer carbs = more protein and fat) Carbohydrates are known to encourage the growth of tumors in humans, and in 1997, Colorado’s School of Veterinary Medicine documented that dogs and cats with cancer had a longer survival time if they were fed a diet high in protein and fat but reduced in carbohydrate.  Cancer cells require glucose, derived from carbs, for replication. Cancer cells cannot utilize fat as an energy source, but healthy cells can. Therefore, feeding a higher fat and protein diet “starves” cancer cells.

  3. Utilize Medicinal Mushrooms to build immunity and fight cancer.  Since ancient times, various combinations of fungi have been used in China and Japan to stimulate the immune system and ward off tumors. Research in the west has shown activation of killer cell activity and confirmed beyond doubt the significant immune-stimulating and anti-tumor properties of medicinal mushrooms, all without the harmful side effects of modern cancer drugs. Holistic veterinarians often recommend them to their patients recovering from cancer, or as a preventative for higher risk animals. Medicinal mushrooms target viral and bacterial pathogens as well as cancer cells, and are a good all-around preventive strategy.

Nature's Logic All Food Fortifier

Organic Pet Superfood Immunity Formula

Nature's Logic


5 Reasons to Love Nature’s Logic
(and serve it to your fur babies!)

  1. Rich in proteins
    from chicken, duck, beef, lamb, fish, venison and rabbit.
  2. Different proteins for rotation
    switching up proteins helps avoid allergies.
  3. Low in carbohydrates
    best for natural carnivores like dogs and cats.
  4. Lower glycemic load in dry food
    from millet, one of the “good grains”
  5. NO chemically-synthesized ingredients
    only whole food sourced vitamin & mineral supplements

The Amazing Wonder Walker

Do you have a dog that pulls or chokes when on leash? Or a small dog with a delicate neck?

We have the tool for you! The amazing Wonder Walker

The Amazing Wonder WalkerWith minimal pressure, the Wonder Walker™ Body Halter® reduces common pulling behaviors and helps eliminate jumping and lunging while on leash. Walking your dog becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. By controlling your dog’s body at his center of gravity rather than his head or neck, you utilize his instinctive push/pull reflex, called the opposition reflex.

This reflex is why so many dogs pull while on leash — as you pull, they push against the pressure. However, by attaching your leash to the chest ring, pressure is directed to the opposite side of the body, and you can now guide your dog in the direction you want him to move. Wonder Walkers come in sizes to fit any dog, from tiny to huge, with many fun colors to choose from!

Snickers with Wonder Walker HarnessCustom Fitting Event at Ballard, March 24th

Custom fitting can be beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin or sparse hair coat, such as Italian Greyhounds, Whippets or Bully Breeds, or for uniquely shaped and barrel-chested dogs like Dachshunds, Pugs, Boxers, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

Join us at the Ballard store on Saturday March 24th from 3 - 6pm as Mary and Tom Dolan, Wonder Walker’s inventors and fabricators, personally give your dog a custom fitting. They will have extra padding available to assure your Wonder Walker fits perfectly!

Raw Goat Pet Milk

Pet MilkWe are  pleased to introduce Pet Milk, grass-fed raw goat milk produced locally by St. John Creamery in Lake Stevens. Their herd of sweet, docile Oberhasli goats is antibiotic-free and grazed on organically managed land that is also home to pastured poultry.

Pet Milk is great any time for both dogs and cats, served alone or added to existing food or kibble. Raw milk contains active enzymes and thus is absorbed in about 20 minutes after consuming, placing no strain at all on an animal’s body.  We recommend it to aid in the recovery and healing from many disorders, especially allergy and digestive problems. St. John Creamery Pet Milk also contains one to two tablespoons per 4 gallons of raw honey, kefir culture (source of probiotics) and natural nettle tea (anti-allergy herb). Available in pints, quarts and half gallons.

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