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New! Instinct Beef & Lamb
for dogs

Red meats are very flavorful, appealing to both dogs and cats. In years past, they fell out of favor in pet food as many people reduced meat in their own diets. But cats and dogs don’t get clogged arteries like humans do, and are designed to fully digest red meat’s saturated fats.  Other healthful nutrients are high levels of all the essential amino acids, iron, zinc and Vitamin B12 to help maintain stamina and heart health.


2008 "Best In Show" winner "Uno" eating his celebratory steak


Grain-Free Instinct Beef & Lamb is a protein-rich, ground-breaking dry food from Nature’s Variety, the first they have formulated with beef plasma, beef fat and coconut oil. Plasma, the clear part of blood, is a natural source of additional amino acids, electrolytes, and other vital nutrients. Nature's Variety beef ingredients, including plasma, are sourced from USDA inspected facilities in the USA.

Beef fat is a superior source of fat soluble Vitamins A and D, and coconut oil is prized for the beneficial role it plays in skin health and immune function.  The bio-coating of freeze-dried raw food enrobing the kibble not only gives it great taste, but contains fruits and vegetables (source of antioxidants) and beef heart and liver (source of B Vitamins, taurine and carnitine).


One of the most common questions we get in our stores is “what can I do if my cat won’t eat her prescription diet for kidney problems?”

That’s an uncomfortable position for us for two reasons, (1) because we aren’t veterinarians and don’t have the training to respond, and (2) we are aware of other, newer ways to feed ‘kidney cats’ endorsed by veterinarians that don’t involve prescription diets (which are made from by-products, corn and other fillers that fall well below our nutritional standards for pet food).

A troubling side effect of prescription diets is the muscle wasting and other debilitating effects from the very low protein levels. Below is an article written by Dr. Lena McCullough, DVM, a veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist practicing in West Seattle who recommends high-protein, high moisture grain-free canned foods such as Instinct, Weruva and Go! for ‘kidney cats’ and gives her reasons why. We offer this for general information purposes only, and as a way to start a dialogue with your own veterinarian if you choose.

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