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Pet Gazette | June 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet Care
Raw without the Thaw

Committed to improving the diet of your fur child, but “wet raw” isn’t your cup of tea? Does she turn her nose up at the healthy stuff you bring home? We know that fresh raw food is the species-appropriate gold standard for feeding dogs and cats, but sometimes it can be a real challenge to work it into the menu. Other turn-offs to a home-made or a frozen raw diet can be the time to make or thaw it, a concern about harmful bacteria, cost factor or rejection at the food bowl. Freeze-dried raw can be the answer; it’s quick, safe, and can be just one component on the menu to keep costs down. With better taste, texture and aroma than wet raw, it’s especially popular with cats and finicky dogs!

Please sir, I want some moreWhole Food-Sourced Nutrients Better Than A Vitamin Pill

Freeze-drying began centuries ago in the Andes mountains as a way of preserving food. Modern freeze dryers suck the moisture from raw frozen food while sparing the enzymes, amino acids, healthy fats and antioxidants. The resulting product has a firm dry texture, a delicious smell and contains less than 3% moisture, preventing bacterial growth and making it last for years unopened on the shelf. Our freeze-dried foods contain generous quantities of organ meats like heart, liver and tripe, the superfoods of the meat world. We even have freeze-dried whole duck and chicken necks, complete with edible bone, and freeze-dried duck and chicken hearts in our treat section.

Freez-Dried FoodA Gateway Food for Cats

As obligate carnivores, cats thrive on meat-based raw foods absent the grains and carbs of dry food. They often balk at wet raw due to the lack of aroma, and if they are dry food junkies, the lack of crunch. But cats love freeze-dried right out of the gate. You can top-dress their present food to give them a nutrition boost, or feed freeze-dried as an occasional meal or an every day diet. Keep in mind that cats need to get their moisture from food, and serve freeze-dried reconstituted with warm water or broth if no other wet food is fed.

Supercharge Your Pet’s Food for $1 a Day

Freeze-dried can be more expensive than wet raw on a per meal basis, but using it as a treat or occasional meal or instead of a vitamin pill makes it cost effective. Dogs and cats don’t need to eat a perfect diet all the time to be healthy. Small quantities of the “right stuff” can help your pet’s immune system function at a higher level. Freeze-dried raw comes in many shapes, formulas and protein sources. Just a handful a day can make a world of difference. We like rotating the flavors to keep it interesting!


Primal Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets

CPrimal Freeze-Dried Raw NuggetsPrimal Freeze-Dried Nuggets contain human-grade antibiotic and steroid-free meats and poultry, certified organic vegetables and fruits, organic coconut oil, salmon oil, organic minerals, and unrefined vitamins. Dog formulas come in 3 varieties - Lamb, Chicken and Beef – with 77% meat and 23% produce and supplements. Cat formulas come in Chicken & Salmon and Beef & Salmon, with 85% meat, 5% salmon and 10% produce and supplements.

Fragrant and full of flavor, Primal nuggets are one of the most cost-effective freeze-dried raw foods we carry. And with our June special, they are an even better deal! One nugget reconstituted equals about an ounce of wet raw food. Feed as a whole meal, crumbled over other food as a meal topper or break apart for a reward or treat. These nuggets are also the perfect lightweight take-along for hiking, camping and traveling. Reg. $24.99/14oz. any formula. Sale through 6/30 $19.99.


SALE! Love your fur kids, but hate the shedding?
The Furminator

The Amazing Furminator

  • Reduces Shedding by 90%
  • Keeps your home cleaner
  • Eliminates hairballs in cats

One of the biggest drawbacks of pet ownership is having pet hair all over your clothes, furniture, carpeting, and even car upholstery. But the patented Furminator removes dead loose hair from your pet’s coat before it gets all over. No other grooming tool has ever come close! Don’t be without one during shedding season -- May, June and July!

The Furminator$5 OFF any Furminator

Fun Facts About Cats, Grooming and Hairballs:

  • The skin and coat is a cat’s largest and heaviest organ.
  • The more hair that’s ingested, the more hairballs will form.
  • The pineal gland accelerates shedding when more light is present.
  • Grooming is a comfort behavior; licking releases endorphins.
  • Cats groom about 10% of their waking time, ingesting an ounce of hair a day
  • Excess shedding can result from stress, fear or dietary deficiencies.
Stella & Chewys Sale
Control Fleas without Poison

As flea season approaches we like to review the weapons in our flea fighting arsenal. Our favorite strategy is natural resistance – making dogs and cats too healthy for fleas. As a parasite, the role of the flea in nature is to attack the weak and help cull the herd, and for this reason fleas are drawn to animals whose immune systems are low. Good diet plays a central role in preventing an infestation, and one supplement that helps naturally repel fleas from the inside is BodyGuard. We have been recommending this for 20 years and many customers swear by it!

But it’s hard to build up flea resistance in a hurry, and many people stil to use a spot treatment for a month or two a year to kill fleas right away. We do not carry pesticidal treatments because the strong toxins are absorbed into the animals’ systems, sometimes causing illness and death. What’s of equal concern is the unknown cumulative damage to the animals and humans that come in contact with the toxins on the skin and coat.

A relatively new non-toxic squeeze-on treatment, Sentry Natural Defense, employs natural botanical extracts -- peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil and thyme oil – to kill fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other biting insects for up to 4 weeks by blocking the neurotransmitter octopamine. Only
insects need octopamine , not humans or other mammals. The treatment is safe to use around children and pets.

Natural treatments can have drawbacks, too. This stuff has a quick kill rate, but smells very pungent, like a chai latte, before it has a chance to air out. Try applying less than the recommended dose initially. Some cats don’t tolerate strong smells; for them, apply to your hands and rub down their fur. Wrap the rest securely and save for another application.

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