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Pet Gazette | July 2012 Vol. 1A few words form All The Best Pet Care
The Prescription Diet Dilemma

By Susan Moss

Every day we get questions regarding prescription diets from concerned pet owners, either because their fur kid won’t eat it or stopped eating it, is doing poorly on it or because they are worried about the long term consequences of feeding the low quality ingredients listed on the label. Oddly, prescription diets seem to contain virtually all the ingredients we’ve been warned against – corn, brewer’s rice, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten meal, soybean mill run, poultry by-products meal and even powdered cellulose. Noble proteins from meat, poultry or fish, the mainstay of the carnivore diet, are notably absent. These deficiencies, when an animal is unwell to begin with and needs all the nutritional help he can get, is unfortunate. The dilemma comes in deciding whether to stick with the vet’s recommendation or seek another path.


Tiki Cat & Dog Food

Tiki Dog & Cat Cans—Gourmet Whole Meat Foods

When you open a can of Tiki, the first thing you’ll notice is how lovely it looks and smells. Whole pieces of succulent chicken or fish with sizable chunks of other ingredients like prawns or egg. When you shake out the contents, you’ll notice what a large quantity of actual meat there is! This is real food, not some manufactured food-like substance.


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New and Noteworthy at All The Best

Tucker's Raw Frozen

Tucker’s Raw Pork Cups and Pork & Bison Patties

Curious about raw, but don’t want to touch it? Need a low-cost, novel protein for your itchy or sensitive dog? Tucker’s Raw Frozen is for you!


After the Great Pet Food recall of 2007, the Lotus micro-cannery was born, making trustworthy, locally sourced cat food.


Kibble plus Raw, together in the same bag!


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  • The Real Meat Company: All-natural 90% meat, air-dried dog foods and jerky treats – Great for stuffing Pickle Pockets, Ottosson Puzzle Toys and other interactive toys!
  • Green Tea Leaves. And Forest Fresh Cat Litter
  • Tucker's Raw Frozen: Raw pork-based patties and cups.
  • Lotus: Natural Food For Pets. California locally-sourced all-natural recipes from their own micro-cannery.
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