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Pet Gazette | January 2011 Vol. 1

Feed Your Dog Like An Alpha

When we eat meat, our preferred cuts are steaks and chops, but the same is not true of wild canines. Organs and innards are at the top of the predator’s shopping list. When wolves bring down a large prey animal, the vital organs and entrails are the most sought after portions, before the muscle meat, connective tissue or bones. The extra nutrition in the organs insures the health and vitality of the breeding members and thus the future of the pack. All pack members do not eat equally; the alpha male (who alone breeds with the females) eats first, followed by the alpha female and other breeding age females. Weaker males and puppies eat last.

The Alpha Prey Model Diet
Most raw pet food companies follow an “average” prey model diet consisting of 80% meat, 10% organs and 10% bones. But Vital Essentials bases their raw food diet on the alpha prey model with more organ meats. Their beef diet contains 45% organs (heart, liver, kidney, tripe and lung), 45% muscle meat and 10% bones. Their chicken diets have 30% organ meats, and the fish diet is about 15% organs. What are the benefits of all these organs? Compared to muscle meat, they have vastly more Vitamin A, more D, E, K and B vitamins, less fat but more Omega fatty acids, and larger amounts of scarce amino acids such as taurine and carnitine. Tripe is particularly nutritious, containing many digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria that aid the digestive process and form the basis the immune system.

Fresh, Juicy Real Meat
Another Vital Essentials point of difference is the quality and integrity of the meat. One of only two USDA certified pet food companies in the world, its raw materials are free-ranging, hormone and antibiotic-free cattle, poultry and wild cold water fish. They are delivered to Vital Essentials’ Wisconsin plant from sources not more than three hours away and made into patties or nibblets within hours. They are then quickly flash frozen to retain the juices and nutritional goodness, making the food very close to its natural state when you serve it.

Feeds Well as a Meal or a Treat
In our experience, dogs absolutely love the beef entrees, even those who have not been enthusiastic about other raw foods. The tripe food and tripe freeze-dried treats are a huge hit as well. Vital Essentials has been expanded to include a raw, chicken cat food, but any of the frozen or freeze-dried foods are excellent to serve to cats as well.

Feline FactGet the benefits of raw food with the convenience of a dry! Stella & Chewy’s brand new freeze-dried dinners for cats come in four fabulous flavorsChicken, Beef & Chicken, Salmon & Chicken & Beef—all from raw human-grade ingredients that have been minimally processed and then freeze-dried to lock in nutrients.

These tempting morsels are exceptionally palatable to finicky cats, and are a good way break a dry food addiction. To serve as a meal, simply rehydrate with warm water according to directions. Or start out serving the nuggets dry and gradually add water little by little to transition to a healthier, high moisture diet. Like all the Stella & Chewy foods and treats, they are high in meat, grain-free, and contain no added hormones or antibiotics.

Feline FactAromatherapy for Your Cat
Scented litter usually makes Miss Kitty wrinkle up her nose in disgust, but World’s Best new lavender-scented clumping litter is wonderfully soothing. Genuine botanical lavender has a magically calming influence on felines, and each step in the litter box releases a bit of the delicate lavender scent. World’s Best is the only litter to use 100% natural essential oils for its lavender fragrance.

Flushable and Planet Friendly
All World’s Best litters are made from renewable whole kernel corn without any added chemicals. They are low tracking, dust-free, and safe for all kittens and cats. A single seven pound bag will last one cat for 30 days, making it a very economical choice indeed!

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